I’m not promoting my blog, I want to help you. You don’t have to fucking follow me, send me messages and let me help you. I want to be there for you, I don’t care if you click the follow button or not I just want you to know I’m here for you because I give more shits about you than anyone. You have no fucking idea how much I love you.

Self harm:
self harm is something a lot of people deal with. but you should never judge anyone for it or push anyone towards it. some people take jokes very seriously and the smallest joke could be the biggest insult to someone. people who you wouldn’t expect it, do it. but if any of you do, and need someone to talk to or just need someone there for you, anything, you can talk to me. yeah, I’ve got my own problems and a lot of issues, but I would rather help people who have it worse than me. you may not know me very well, but get to know me. I can maybe help you. if you want that is. but be aware of other people and help them if they’re asking. #selfharm #imhere #razor #nottheway #icanhelp

Bring this picture back cause I’m here for anyone and everyone please know that i will talk to any of y’all if you need me my kik is open ill answer everyone I love you guys and I’m here for you!!!<3 #imhere #blithe #talktome

Here are some facts about me, it may help some people feel more confident:
1. Since I was 5 I was bullied about my looks and lack of physical capabilities.
2. I suffer from depression (getting better).
3. I have an incredibly dark past which I will discuss privately not here.
4. There are many people who I thought where my friends who have abandoned me.
5. I don’t have many friends, but the ones I have are amazing.
6. I am a freak.
7. I have been suicidal before.
8. I am gay and I came out to my parents 6 months ago and it involved a lot of tears from me; yet honestly I had nothing to worry about.
9. My whole school knows my sexuality and no one has been horrible about it.
10. I am incredibly shy and insecure.
11. Nope I have never had a boyfriend.
12. I have been friendzoned… Badly.
13. I have had my heart broken.
14. I have many sleepless nights.
15. My past haunts me and the mistakes I have made. I have so many regrets it’s unreal.

After reading this I am trying to show you how sooooo many people suffer in life, yet no one is alone when I suffered some of the biggest things ever. I thaught I was the only one out there who knows how I felt. But i was wrong and if anyone ever needs to talk to me about something. I am here for you. Just message me. I don’t bite and I am anyone’s shoulder to cry on.
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By Samuel Lawrence Bray

(If you are brave. Screenshot this and put it on your wall the text not the photo to show you care for others)

I love you all <3

GUYS!!! An anon is attacking our family on tumblr! This person is sending hate to people in the SPN fandom, filling their heads with hate and pushing them to suicide. Please please please, don’t listen to anything they are saying. All of you are beautiful and if a person is sitting in front of a computer screen and making other’s lives miserable, they must be ugly on the inside. This is very important. I’m literally crying because someone would do this. I love you all and if any of you are going through any troubles of depression, suicide, anxiety ANYTHING, please talk to me. I’m here for you. You can DM ME and we can talk. Stay strong #SPNFamily
#Supernatural #SPNLove #FamilyDontEndInBlood