from artist’s webpage: Dan Matutina -

“Blackberry Philippines asked me to create three illustrations for their "Poster Society” project with the theme: Keep Moving.

To keep moving means exploring new things and new experiences. Where can you explore the farthest? That was the question that guided me in doing the illustration. If you want the ultimate experience, you can go outside the planet and explore the universe . If you’re into creatures big and small, you can dive twenty thousand leagues under the sea. If you want to keep your feet on the ground, try conquering the highest peak in the world! As Rabindranath Tagore would say, “Be Brave Right Through and Leave for the Unknown!”

“1. Peak. If you want try new things, the first daring step is to climb your way to the tallest peak in the planet. You keep yourself on the ground at the same time you’re up above…thoughts flying. "Where to go next?” the hiker wondered.

2. Underwater. It’s always great to go under the sea to see new things. It’s a totally different adventure! It gets darker as you go deeper, you see things you don’t see everyday. Things big and small, things that look scary, things that glow. Kind of like the stars. “Where should I go next?” the diver thought.

3. Space. You reach for the stars. You ride aboard a spaceship. You travel around the universe, stopping by different planets, exploring different galaxies. It’s the ultimate experience. “Where should I go next?” the space pilot pondered.“