Last #tbt because I really need to practice some yoga. Erf. So this guy right here has been the epitome of my world since he stepped into it. I at first hated it. I hesitated because I didnt want a relationship, wasnt looking for one, and I just wanted to have fun, get drunk, be stupid (but responsible!), and be around people I loved. Well he kind of ruined that, thanks babe. Lol no im kidding. Neither one of us were looking for anything in particular. I thought he was cute when we first met (more like when I first noticed him). But I was super turned off by the fact that he had just turned 21…. my thought was #imgoingtojail (insidejoke). Things progressed and I was like hey, he could come hang with my friends and I, if he made the drive. So he did, he does, and he never left. Damnit Sunny! :)… love you sunshine. Cant wait to sock you when you get home from work today. ♡♥♡