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Owe them our lives? “I think I returned the debt, when she took my life.” Dami shrugged, it was true. Her mother gave her life but her mother also took it, it was fater who saved her.
And regard all their disagreements, especially latley when teenage hormones started kicking in and have some affect (even if little) on her, she owed her father everything.
Her father, then Grayson.
One showed her a different way and the other cared for her always, in ways no one did before.
Or at least admitted to, the league aren’t much of a touchy-feely group of people.
“Good, last thing you need is more one night stands with Harper because they apprently don’t end well. In all honesty Todd, I think it’s better that he would stay out of your parentig life too. He is not most qualified for parenting, he can’t help even if he wanted to.”

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Noel's tweet. I think all hope is gone. How on earth can they let it end this way? I can't even breathe.

Breathe, Anon. I don’t know, I’m still not convinced, and I won’t be until Noel AND the show says “Mickey is done” and the series finale has aired. Now, we may only see him for just one ep, or maybe more, who knows?  But, I mean, they freakin brought Justin Chatwin back for one ep after we all presumed he was dead and apparently the entire cast tweeted their goodbyes.  They even kept his return a secret from theother cast members.  

John Wells said justa few short days ago that he hopes Noel comes back, but they won’t know his availability for another couple of months. I find it very hard to believe that Noel knows his exact filming schedule at this point for TMNT2, and I seriously doubt, with how much he loves the cast, and how much the character of Mickey means to him, that he would just say, “nope, I’m done. Never again, moving on.  See ya, guys.”  I mean, Noel loves to work, and he’s said Mickey is his fav character. And even though he’s an evil acting genius, there has been no indication that he has 5 films lined up back to back.

Also? Noel could be playing hard to get, and he might for a while. He knows the show wants him back, and he knows he has a film career. I’m not convinced that’s what he doing, but he’s in a prime position to see what they’ll offer him and then weigh his options on what will be best for his career.

Noel’s tweet is unsettling for sure. But, like Cam’s, it’s still a bit ambiguous. I mean, if Noel doesn’t know his availability yet, or if he’s under contract negotiations, or if he’s under a gag order from TPTB, he’s in a tough position.  What exactly is he supposed to say right now?  I’m sure he didn’t just want to leave Cam hanging after his love fest of a tweet.  Would Noel have tweeted if Cam hadn’t done it first?  I also find it interesting that none of the other cast members, writers, or producers have responded either. 

Thankfully, I wasn’t here during the post season 3 hiatus with all the Cam will-he-come-back-or-no drama, but I’ll just leave you with his golden tweet.

Cam came back, Justin came back for an ep.  Like I said, I’ll be shocked if we never see Mickey again, unless the show gets unexpectedly cancelled before they can bring him back. I’m not eating my hat just yet.  *shrugs*

   Roots and wet leaves threatened to trip and
   slip Dorothy with every footfall, while twigs
   and thorns stabbed at exposed hands and
   caught her hair, which was loosely tied back
   as the girl ran.

   She ran as fast as her legs could carry her,
   knowing that there was a village nearby where
   she could hide for a bit- perhaps the girl wouldn’t
   be as safe as she would like, but Dorothy
   found no other option. Oh, how vapid was she,
   to believe she could get away with such a crime.
   But this was a dog-eat-dog world, and in Dorothy’s
   naive attempt to eat, she now found she might be eaten.

   Up ahead, she could see a break in the trees and
   bodies bustling in their daily routines. s a f e t y .
   Dorothy happily ran through the trees and into the
   thick of the crowd, ignoring the shouts and flustered
   cries of her rudeness.

   A break between buildings looked promising enough,
   and the small girl slipped into the alley. Relief spilled
   over her, and she almost wanted to laugh in spite of
   her danger. Back pressed to the side of the building,
   Dorothy let her feet slide from under her and sat down,
   letting adrenaline pass through her system. The girl
   hardly had time to breath before she looked up, and
   found a familiar face looking back.