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I was hoping you could help me find out which of these succulents can be propagated from leaves? Also, if there are succulents in this photo that cannot propagate via leaves, what would be the best way to propagate them? I was hoping to expand what little succulent garden I have, and I could really use a little guidance. :)
Thank you for enabling the crazy succulent lover in all of us.

Hiya Gabby. Lovely photo! I know I’ve already IDed half of these, but for the benefit of people who are seeing this for the first time, these guys are:

All of these succulents can be propagated via leaf. I’ll take a minute to explain all three propagation methods:

  • Pups are when the plant starts to reproduce on its own and you help it by cutting the baby plant loose.
  • Stem cutting is when you cut off a branch or part of the stem and reroot it.
  • Leaf cutting is when you pluck a leaf from the plant and it sprouts a new plant.

And here is how you know they’re ready to be propagated:

  • Pups: These guys grow from the base or roots of the parent (if they’re growing from further up the stem then they’re a branch and should be treated as a stem cutting). Wait until your pups are 1/5 the size of the parent plant before removing them. Uproot both mama and baby and find the point where they’re connected. It is best to make sure the pup has roots of its own before removing it, but not necessary. Get a sharp, clean knife/scissors and separate the two.
  • Stem Cuttings: This is a hard propagation method to give advice on because there are so many different stem shapes. The broadest I can make this advice is: only take cuttings that are less then 1/3 of the plants total mass. Use a sharp, clean knife/scissors to snip the stem.
  • Leaf Cuttings: You only want to pluck leaves off a plant that has leaves to spare. You wouldn’t want to take leaves from a struggling or immature plant. Find the lowest leaf/leaves and wiggle them back and fourth until they pop off.
  • Read more on the leaf propagation process here.
  • Read more on all of the propagation methods here.

hi this is my cactus I named Hyoyeon. can you ID it and tell me if it looks healthy? 

my friend got it for me from Arizona 



That’s a lovely little piece of Cylindropuntia imbricata, aka ‘Cane Cholla’. So far it looks very healthy. This species is very easy to keep happy, just give it a well-draining mix and as much sunlight as possible. They’re very tolerant of excessive moisture, and in fact grow very vigorously if you give the plenty of water. Mine grows well if I leave it outdoors here in the UK, despite all the rain and cool temperatures. Be wary of the spines on these as they’re barbed like a harpoon and will really stick into your skin if you’re not careful. 

Happy growing!