If we could be choosy about winning a shopping spree, Title Nine would be the merchant of desire. All of the clothes are super comfortable and low maintenance, the dresses especially. They’re the kind you can roll up and shove in a backpack then expect them to be ready for dinner after a week of hiking. One of them is appropriately named The Mischief Dress. Maybe they’ll enter the clothing recycling business, otherwise I need to find out where the purchasers are dumping their goods. Mostly I’m content with wearing clothes until they shred or giving them away. For example, just before heading off to school I stole a pair of my dad’s jeans. They were too snug anyway and probably from the late 70’s or early 80’s. Vintage. When the knees finally gave out, I made a smiley face patch to repair the left or right, I don’t remember which. The other was more traditional but maybe those jeans made a couple people giggle once or twice. Hopefully. Lately, I’ve been having some older clothes tailored to fit this more recent form. Recent as in over a year. Must be the love diet.

Nikolai Fefelov - Cosmonaut
May 20, 1945

Encyclopedia Astronautica
Nikolai Nikolayevich Fefelov, Russian engineer cosmonaut, 1970-1995.
Graduated from Air Force Engineering School, Perm, 1968. Candidate of law sciences degree, 1990. Gaduated from Moscow Aeronautical-Technological Institute, 1997. Lieutenant Colonel, Soviet Air Force Worked as a civilian in the TsPK, becoming Deputy Flight Director at Flight Control Center in Kaliningrad.

Photo:  Encyclopedia Astronautica

Galina Amelkina - Cosmonaut
May 20, 1954

Encyclopedia Astronautica
Amelkina, Dr Galina Vasilyevna, Russian physician cosmonaut, 1980-1983.
Medical Doctor. Graduated from IMBP with doctorate degree, 1978. Civilian Physician, Institute of Medical Biological Problems. Cosmonaut training from October 1979 to July 1980. Left cosmonauts corps in 1983 for medical reasons. Assistant director, Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute.

Photo:  Photo:  Encyclopedia Astronautica