Celebrating the wheel of the year is sort of weird, especially given how much of it is either preserved or taken from modern holiday practices.

Like, Mabbon, fall equinox. Last harvest, and a reflection on the things you’re thankful for, sounds an awful lot like, say, thanksgiving, which happens at much the same time.

The Yule/Christmas and Oestra/Easter parallels are really obvious, of course, but it’s the other ones that seem more interesting to me.

Like, Samhain/Remembrence day. For all that it’s the day after Halloween, Samhain is very much about our relationship to the dead, and it’s very odd that remembrance day happens to fall shortly after it. Even 

I think maybe we just like celebrating the turning of the seasons, but it’s interesting how closely that the times of the year hold specific meanings metaphorically to us as people, and it makes me wonder how my understanding of holidays would be if I didn’t grow up in a climate with such clear seasonal divisions. I mean, it also makes me wonder how much of modern wheel-of-the-year stuff is based on modern festivals and holidays rather than ancient ones, but that’s neither here nor there.