Bright Blessing on this Ostara Sabbat!

Today is Ostara one of my favorite Sabbat days. Ostara usually falls between March 20th through the 23rd. The Goddes blenkets the earth with fertility as the Horned God stretches and grows to maturity. The hours of day and night are equal and light is starting to overtake darkness. This is a time of beginning, action, planting spells, and tending to gardens. Placing small food offerings for the fea to weave garden magick. It is custom to drink dandelion wine and hide Ostara eggs as a children’s game. The first flowers are praised and the Goddess and Horned God for the true return of happier times for all. Ostara is one of the more colorful Sabbats not one of the somber colors found in Yule or Imbolic. Feasting and socialization are important factors in this holiday as well as the celebration of the return of colors to the natural world. Pictures of my altar deceked out for Ostara and stuff to follow tonight.