Tyrian Purple (also called Royal Purple) dyes clothes a deep purple shade. In ancient times, it was extracted from the Mediterranean sea snail (Murex brandaris).

The extraction and trade of Tyrian Purple has been recorded since the 4th c. BC. Pliny the Elder, the famous Roman historian and scientist, has left us a description of how it was made:

After the snails are fished from the sea, the dye-bearing vein is extracted and crushed. For every hundred pounds of the juice, 20 ounces of salt are added, and left for three days. It is then set to boil slowly in vessels of tin [or lead], to concentrate the dye, for up to ten days. Then the cloth to be dyed is immersed into the boiling mixture. The boiling is continued until the cloth is dyed to the satisfactory shade. Red shades are considered inferior to blackish ones. Finally the cloth is left to soak until it has fully imbibed the colour. [x]

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I'm not saying Dean's stupid, but what evidence do we really have that he's intelligent. (He made a quick reference to the Odyssey once in a strip club, but that doesn't even mean he read the book. Also I read it in school for seventh grade, so)

Dean: Like Greek myth siren, the Odyssey?Hey, I read!
-Sex and Violence 4.14

Chuck: It’s very Vonnegut.
Dean: “Slaughterhouse-Five” Vonnegut or “Cat’s Cradle” Vonnegut?
-Monster at the End of This Book 4.18

Castiel: I suggest we imbibe copious quantities of alcohol… Just wait for the inevitable blast wave.
Dean: Yeah, swell. Thank you, Bukowski. I-I mean, how do we stop it?
-Swan Song 5.22

American public schools do not have a standardized curriculum for literature. Most schools let the English teachers pick whatever books they want. I never read the Odyssey in school and don’t know anyone who did. When the first Lord of the Rings movie came out I had a friend who kept giving people spoilers when talking about it and when people got upset he’d say “What’s the big deal, everyone read that in high school.” I’d never met anyone else who read Lord of the Rings in high school, most America English teachers didn’t want to touch it before the movies came out and kids actually got interested, but he made the assumption that it was standard for everyone. My English teachers were all pretty lazy and picked novels that were written in modern English so they wouldn’t have to explain too much, the only classics I read in school were Shaekspaere. Just because you read something in school, don’t assume everyone’s read it and it’s not a big deal. Reading things like the Odyssey or Vonnegut on your own is a lot harder than learning it with a teacher. It’s possible Dean read some of these books in school but he’s read more than one Vonnegut, suggesting he likes the author, and Bukowski wouldn’t be taught in schools because his work deals heavily with alcoholism. 

In Good God Y’All 5.02 Dean was the one to figure out they were dealing with War and he knew exactly where in the Bible to find the passage about it. He’s made reference to other biblical stories over the years and knows the book pretty well. Sam said in Trial and Error 8.14 that Dean is a genius, especially when it comes to lore. I know a lot about lore and it is a complicated subject.

In Phantom Traveller 1.04 he had built an EMF out of spare parts, that’s the type of thing engineering students do. It’s strongly implied that he’s also the one who built the EMP that wiped out the Ghostfaers’ hard-drives. He helped make the bomb in Abandon All Hope 5.10. He made his first sawed off when he was in sixth grade. He’s rebuilt the Impala countless times. 

In Teribble Life 4.17 Dean was dropped into a high level job involving corporate finances, a position that required a Stanford degree, and he kicked ass at it. Yes, the angels altered his memories which would have included memories of college and on the job training, but Dean still had to apply that knowledge in order to be successful and we saw him being successful at that job. He couldn’t have done that if he wasn’t intelligent.

In Hollywood Babylon 2.18 Dean was mistaken for a P.A. and decided to use it as his cover even though he had no clue what a P.A. was. Within hours he had figured out the job, figured out the equipment, and looked like he’d been doing that for years.

Dean doesn’t think he’s smart. He plays off all his accomplishments as “no big deal” because he honestly believes he’s just a grunt and therefore anything he accomplishes must be easy for everyone else. But Dean is fiercely intelligent and the show gives us proof of that all the time. Many fans fall into the trap of thinking Sam is the brains and Dean is the brawn and they watch the show with goggles on. Take off the brawn!Dean goggles and you’ll start to see how intelligent he is.

Alright, so my friend ari​ suggested to me that i try and be sober for a night. good idea, right?

so, i figured i’d get myself a nice glass of juice

this… this doesn’t taste like juice!!

oh, right. well, let’s try again with some water!

h…. how did this…… happen………

let’s just, go for something that can’t go wrong, something in a sealed container



How To Make Boozy Jello Egg Shots For Easter Time (Or Any Time)

Easter isn’t exactly the most raucous of holidays. Christmas has its eggnog, Thanksgiving has its boozy football-watching drinks, and the Fourth of July has ice-cold beer. But Easter? It’s never traditionally been a day for imbibing, unless you count a sip of wine at the Easter Sunday communion service.

Enter, jello egg shots. It’s a jello shot, in the shape of an egg. With the aid of Jell-O Jigglers egg molds (remember them from the days of yore?) and the liquor of your choice, you can be well on your way to sucking down some juicy goodness in no time. Watch the video above for a demonstration. Get the full recipe here. 


Cecil Gershwin Palmer - Dragon*con 2013

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“If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.”

So glad to have a video of this where you can see the blinking lights, even if it is footage of me partying. When I made this cosplay last summer, I had just gotten into Night Vale, and it was such a thrill to meet up with that marvelous community for the first time IRL!! This was supposed to be a simple closet cosplay, and ended up being quite a bit more complex than that! Yes, I was playing some awesome ‘weather’ all night long on the speaker system I built into my station desk. And as always… Good night, listeners. Good night. 

More photos and breakdowns can be found here!

To Dream Is Human

The world is now more connected, and thus more people across transnational boundaries, coming from different walks of life, want to stand for something. Whether they seek happiness in achieving the austere minimum, or struggling to echo their names across the globe, they all have one thing imbibed in their minds: The willingness to dream.

To dream is human – In your mind, you are free. How human are you? Such as in your dreams?

Every passing moment bears testimony of new goals being set; endless rays of hope and foreordained rejuvenation. In the profundity of such a dimension of reality, emerged an infinite ocean of ideas, twirling together to produce thought-provoking themes.

Under this umbrella, the study of human choices and the re-questioning of conflicting philosophical ideologies cannot be isolated. Yet, our dreams tend to shatter for various reasons which cannot be deciphered so easily. At times we wrongly play our ace owing to unfavourable timing and place.

Our pace can also pose a threat to our goal if it is badly determined. Even so, some dreams still break despite our unflagging effort – in that case it is better to look for another opportunity rather than cogitating on what was missing in our dedication.

What actually holds us back is the dark, that is, the sense of rejection and dejection (among others) that we associate with ‘failure’. In an attempt to offset the dark, we can see ourselves as a swashbuckling pirate who is stuck in his boat in the middle of a deep ocean, and drawn into a maelstrom of chaotic weather conditions. Despite these obstacles, he must try to achieve his aim. He must find an island or a hidden treasure.

Let us put the question forward…

Just like the pirate has to deal with the sudden flashes of lethal lighting and teeming rain in order to get closer to his goal, what can we do on our side to positively deal with our dark zone?

Dare: The very first step is to dare ourselves. We should believe that we have the potential to step out of our comfort zone and to face new challenges so as to achieve something new.

Action: When we have already decided to dare, we must try our best to take the most effective and efficient actions that will aid us in getting closer to the aim. But we are not always going to opt for the best. And in that case, experimenting might be best.

Rebel: It is common that despite much perseverance we feel stuck on the starting line itself, or the obstacles keep on increasing. When that happens, it is advisable to stay firm because we never know if we are just a few feet away from the jackpot!

Knock: If it is meant to be a success, it definitely will be, and our obstacles would be knocked down completely at a given time. However, life is not a fairy tale and often we are knocked out even after umpteen trials. Then, it is better to let go and to look for new horizons.

The dark is vital

The dark is the only moment when we are completely alone without the support of our own shadow. It may help us to break free and to realize nobody owes us anything and that we are our own savior in the end. Lastly, it is completely justified to be racked by a mixture of feelings whenever things do not seem to be going as we had thought, but that should not stop us from moving.

After all, to dream is to be human.

Dream on!

By: Poonye Angkush