"Dean…you usually suck at singing, what the hell was that??"

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For those of you who haven’t heard Jensen singing:


Two days ago your assbutt boyfriend broke up with you, and it broke your hart. Also Sam and Dean were your best friends. And you were sitting alone in your house, crying and frustrated when you heard a knock on the door, you looked threw the peephole to see who it was and you saw Dean standing their and holding flowers. Of course to spend the door,”
D- hey Y/N I heard about Y/E/BF/N. I’m sorry, whata dick. I got you these flower to help cheer you up. I am always here for you Y/N. I’ll do ANYTHING for you.”

A very Pierfect day . SUPERNATURAL ONE-SHOT imaginethatsupernatural

Imagine you and Sam planning out a whole day of celebrating for Dean’s birthday where he gets to do all his favorite things. Starting with waking him up with breakfast in bed.l” [x]

It had been a long day. After a week-long of  pretending you and Sam didn’t remember Dean’s upcoming birthday, the 3 of you had spent said day doing all the things the older Winchester enjoyed the most – which he also happened to do almost on daily basis, but that didn’t seem to phase him or lessen the enjoyment-. The activities included , but wasn’t limited to sleeping in until ungodly hours of the morning, lying in bed, eating at a fast food restaurant, going to a strip club, getting drunk in a very shady bar and stuffing his face with pie. It surely hadn’t been hard for you and Sam to decide on what to do when it came to planning the day.

It all started with a very large and very unhealthy breakfast, served in bed, to an asleep birthday-boy.


Nothing. No response whatsoever. You decided on a slightly more direct approach as you tried to gently shake him awake to no avail.

Since you three had moved into the Man of Letters ”bunker” Dean seemed to have grown less worried about someone making an attempt on his life during the night and slept without a care in the world. It was probably the only time he wasn’t torturing himself going over past events. The only time his defences seemed town..You went for a less gentle technique and you jammed your finger in his ribcage repeatedly calling his name a bit lauder. When you finally got at least a grown by the sleeping man you were satisfied with the result and left to retrieve the already prepared breakfast from the kitchen.

By the time you got back some progress had been made. He had managed to prop himself onto his elbows and stood there glaring at the sheets.

-“Good morning, sleeping beauty, slept well?” You chimed, purposely a bit too loud. Dean grunted in response and mumbled something about stolen jokes, twigs and bony fingers.

You looked at him for a second, as his brain re-learnt how to process the world around him. Bed hair, wrinkly t-shirt, slouched posture. He was very reactive when startled awake, but at times like this, he took his sweet time to join the rest of the world into reality of sentient beings.

As you approached the bed with the breakfast in your hands, he looked up and his mood immediately rose sky-high as he set his gaze on the nearly over-flowing tray.

He gave you a bit toothy smile as he sat up properly, his green eyes lighting up. You could have sworn your heart missed a beat. “What do I owe this to? Is it someone’s b-day?” You both chuckled as you handed him the kingly breakfast.

-“Nah, nothing much… just yours, you asshat. ” You snickered.

-“You know, Y/N, I was starting to think you two had actually forgotten about it.”

-“Aw, we wouldn’t, would we?”

You started to make your way to the door. Dean offered you to stay and take a seat next to him to keep him company. You gently refused and left him to go wake Sam up. Just as you left you were temporarily forgotten by the older Winchester in favour of the feast laid before his eyes.

He attacked the eggs and bacon, sending it on his way down with a cup of coffee. Then came the pancakes and orange juice, and, last but not least, the first of many slices of pier that day.

You did not usually go barging into someone else’s room, let alone Sam’s, but today you had to be on schedule and needed everything to run smoothly. Something very unlikely considering you were dealing with demons and such, and they really didn’t send notifications ahead of time

You were pleasantly surprised when you found Sam already up and seemingly, intent on choosing between to plaid shirts laid out on his bed in from of him.

-“I’d pick the right one, it goes better with your eyes…wait… what colour are your eyes again?” you teased.

It was actually cute that he did not just throw on the first thing he found on the top of the drawer but put some actual thought in it.

-“Very funny, Y/N.” He commented, donning said shirt. “Did you wake up the Kraken, yet?”

- “if you mean the ‘Cranken’ then I did.. Man, he sure is cranky when he’s woken up.”

-“I’m honestly just glad we don’t’ have to thrive on you being a comedian…” He commented, giving you a bitchface before starting to chuckle.

-“Oh, shut it.” You walked further into the room and started pacing while counting on your fingers. “Ok, it’s already 11 a.m.; we need to be eating somewhere in 2 hours… then the trekking trip…. And—”

“Dinner, I take him to the strip club, then the bar .. I’ve got this, Y/N, relax…”

You stopped pacing and smiled at the taller Winchester. “Thanks Sam, I just want to be sure everything goes as planned”
-“It will, I’ll make sure.” He walked over to you and gave your squeezed your shoulder reassuringly. “Promise.” He smiled knowingly. You smiled back at him and walked out of the room praying no demon or hell-knows-what would show up and ruin everything.

You really wanted it to be a nice day, Dean deserved it. You all did, to be honest and since he had missed his previous birthday, you intended to make up for it.

The previous year it had just been you and a bottle of wine in a motel room ad you took a day off from looking for a way to bring him back. By then you had lost all hope and just settled with giving it all you had and if it killed you, you would have died trying. However, there you were, with both of the boys again and twice as much problems than before the shorter one had left for a yearlong vacation in purgatory.


Note for your future self: never let Dean pick a place to eat, it would probably imply a 3 hours-long car ride to an All You Can Eat BBQ place he had probably seen an ad for while switching between porn channels.

If it were not exactly for these things you enjoyed staying with the brothers, you would have probably ditched them both and bashed Dean’s face in. The bastard knew how much you hated things not going as planned and probably just did it to fuck with your head. Yet, there you were, hating how his stupid face, his annoyingly cute smile and his mesmerizing eyes made you forgive him for anything he did. On top of that, there was his tough person act, a nice wrapping to a mellow and sweet core. His impulsive, unpredictable and spontaneous personality always led to sudden changes and rushed plans and yet it gave you that sense of constant high and made you feel alive.

You realised you had spaced out while in the car as a particularly loud guitar riff brought you back to reality.

Your breakfast making stunt had earned you a place in the front seat. As you rode shotgun and listened to the brothers make light talk you twisted the band on your ring finger, as you always did when you were lost in thought.

-“Gee, always wearing that, uh? Does it even change colour anymore?” Dean teased. He always made fun of the silly mood ring you always had on your left hand. You smiled to yourself.

-“No, it doesn’t because with you I’m just constantly annoyed.” You shot back, pretending to be mad.

-“You two sound like an old married couple” Chimed in Sam from the backseat. ”it’s veeeeery cute.”

-“Shut up, you’re just jealous you don’t get to ride in the front”


At the table you chatted and laughed, as you had not done in a long time, it almost seemed like a normal day, trouble wasn’t looking or you and you weren’t looking for it either.

-“Sooooooooo…Say, Dean… any chance you’d pick cake over pie?” You asked leaning forwards on the table with a devilish smirk.

-“Only if there wasn’t any pie left…. Or if I could still get some later… but I’m a pie kind of guy, Cupcake, sorry to burst your bubble”. He joked.

-“Well, I plan to make you change your mind, baby…” You shot back trying to look tough and failing judging by how Sam snorted as he was drinking. “You know you’ll never make it, Y/N”

-“Wait until you try my Victoria sponge with chocolate mousse…”

-“Sounds too fancy to me…how do you say it? ‘Posh’?”

-“Shut up, you go see your strippers and stay out of my way long enough to bake you one, then we’ll talk about it!

-“Sounds like a lovely plan, but why don’t you come too?”

You laughed. “Sorry Dean, as much as I’d love to share opinions about scantily clad women with you, the cake isn’t going to bake itself. So, unless you plan on getting on stage yourself I think I’ll pass.”

-“I could give you a private show afterwards, you know, Y/N”

Before you could make your brain slow down enough to form a coherent thought over the embarrassment, Sam coughed. “When you two lovebirds are done flirting…I’m afraid I have a case… not a single day off, uh?”

You mentally thanked Sam for the safe escape from the conversation before you could make a fool of yourself. You tried to hide a blush and you could have sworn you saw Dean do the same as he muttered a “Shut up, Sammy.”


-“That was harder than I remembered it to be…” You said aloud to yourself in the empty kitchen.

The hunt had been quick. Just a Djin. What some years would have taken a few days now seemed easy compared to the past years events. You could not say the same for baking…Motel rooms didn’t really make the best training ground for cake making and so you hadn’t touched a hoven in ages. Still it looked just like it was supposed to. you proudly put it in the fridge to set, checked the time and decided for a quick shower.


-“Maaaan, this is good, I take it back, you aren’t bad at this, not at all! Can I have some more?” Dean congratulated you between mouthfuls of cake.

-“Really, Y/N, this is incredible. How did you do it?” Asked Sam.

-“Really? Thank you very much… it’s just something I always like to do… I’m just lucky I’m good at it… It’s nothing special , really , but I’m glad you like it.” You smiled at them.

-“I disagree completely, and to support that, I’ll have some more. It’s amazing.” He grinned reaching over the table for another huge slice.

-“I second that.”

-“Wow, thanks Sam, glad, you just had a salad today, then, you healthy moose”. You all chuckled.

After a few seconds of just the silverware against the plates, you spoke up again. “You know…we probably shouldn’t use Crowley’s nickname for Sam, but, but it fits so well, I’m surprised you hadn’t come up with it, Dean…

-“I prefer more offensive one to convey all my brotherly love.”


After you were done cleaning the dishes, you three just hung around the house chilling. Sam was in the library with his nose in yet another book; you couldn’t really blame him they were all so fascinating, all that ancient lore… You yourself loved losing yourself in the pages for hours on hand, but not tonight.

You had something else to do. Give dean one last present.

You found him slouched on the couch, zapping and with a beer by his side.

-“mind if I sit?”

-“Suit yourself.”

You two sat in an almost comfortable silence until Dean spoke. “Hey Y/N, thanks again, it was… very nice”

You smiled and brushed it off. “I know you said no presents or chick flick movements. But… There is something I want you to have”. He looked up, but didn’t interrupt you. “.. Well… since you’re always making fun of me for wearing it… but I figured it’s just because you’re jealous…” you gave a small laugh to buy some time. “.. I thought you could share my embarassingness by having your own—”

-“Y/N…You’re rambling.. ” He chuckled.

“Ok, well, here it is.” You tossed him a small mood ring, identical to the one you always wore on your left ring finger.

“What? Really?” He tried to look offended, but was betrayed by a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“Well, it’s not like I bought one like mine  …it was actually mine…”

He raised an eyebrow at you and looked confused, so you continued: “You see, the one I’m wearing was my mum’s, we had gotten matching ones when I was little… and it’s not like I’d wear two. So I thought you might as well have it… I mean, I’d like you to have it… if you want to, of course…”

He stopped by placing a hand on your leg and giving it a small squeeze. “Y/N…chill, I get it… it’s fine… I like it.” He gave you an awkward smile, then looked at you rig tint he eye and added grinning” How about I wear it on my ring finger, too? Let’s really freak out Sam and turn that ‘married couple’ of his on him, what do you say?” He winked at you and you lost all the ability to speak so you just gave him a smile and nodded. He slipped the ring on and rested his hand on top of yours. You looked down, both rings staring up at you between interlaced fingers. When you looked back up you were taken aback by how close Dean was.

–“Thanks again… it really had been a nice day, and…”  Not being able to find proper words to thank you, he opted for a quick peck on the lips. When he pulled back, he gave you another wink. “How about I that private show we talked about earlier?” You smacked him on the leg and laughed. “…or we could go for a walk…”

He got up and offered you his hand, you took, he wrapped his arm around your waist holding you close to his body and you two made your way out into the cool night.

“Wow, Winchester, much chick-flickness.” You teased resting your head on his shoulder.

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-Too many to list…

Questions from euphoriicirwin

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-Only in the summertime

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-New York City

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-Yes, a nine year old demon-child sister.

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-Bob’s Burgers if that counts

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-Mariah Carey

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-Purple Monster Energy Drink

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-Because I am unaware of what that even means, I’m going to have to go with no…

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-Yes! As long as they’re fiction!

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You big idiot

Okay, that’s enough of a break. Time for me to get back to working on my summer work. But, because I love you all very dearly, I’m not going to leave without giving you a little something to keep you busy. Here is my first Kevin fic I’ve ever written, based off an imagine from the amazing and wonderful imaginethatsupernatural

'Imagine being the Winchester's little sister and Kevin falls in love with you and whenever Sam and Dean leave you with Kevin in the bunker, he gets all flustered and awkward around you'

No warnings that I can think of, accept very very mild cussing (I literally say ‘ass’ once, so…) and it’s very fluffy and cute. Feedback is welcome, and if you want me to write something for you, I’d be more than happy to :-)


You sighed, closing the book you had read from cover to cover a thousand times over. Dean ruffled your hair as he passed, and chuckled as you tried to swat his hand away.

"Hey baby sister." He teased, setting his bag on the table in front of you to check its contents.

"Dean, I’m not a baby! Quit calling me that! I have a name, so use it!" You always hated when he called you that, you weren’t a baby! You were a grown person! He just laughed.

"Whatever, ______. We have a job a few states over-"

"Finally! I’ll go get my bag!" You went to stand, excited that the boys were going to take you out on a real hunt for once, and not just a salt and burn. Before you could stand up, though, Dean continued.

"-and we’ll need you to stay here." He said forcefully, his tone showing that there was no room for negotiations on this one. He saw you deflate and sink back into your chair, and he gave you a look. "Oh, come on, ______! Don’t be like that. This case is most likely a demon, and a powerful one at that. And Sam agrees with me when I say that we don’t even want to risk it with you. You got Cas ready to help if you need him, and you have Kevin here to hang with, when he’s not translating or sleeping. Please, do this for us?" Dean gave you a pleading look, and you couldn’t turn down your brother.

"Fine. Drive safe, okay? Don’t do anything stupid, and don’t die. Sam, you too. Okay?" They smiled, giving you a kiss on the top of your head before leaving.

"And no funny business! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!" Dean said with a wink, and you felt your face heat up. Sam just chuckled, and soon they had both left. You knew what Dean had been hinting at. He and Sam have been relentless in their teasing. Ever since you admitted your crush on Kevin, they wouldn’t let you hear the end of it. You had told them because you needed advice, though what they had told you wasn’t very helpful. They kept trying to tell you he felt the same way, and to just ask him out already, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You were really close with Kevin, and you didn’t want to ruin that. But if you were honest with yourself, by now it was more than just a little crush you were feeling. Sometimes you thought the boys were right, as Kevin was slightly jumpy around you when it was just the two of you. But he got that way when he didn’t have enough sleep, or the tablet was making him go whack-o for a few days. You convinced yourself that that was the reason. But recently, you were unsure.

You shook your head, clearing away your thoughts and went back to your book, turning to your favorite part in the story. You knew it by heart, and could probably act it out if someone asked you to, but you loved reading it again. Just as you were slipping into the world of your story, Kevin came in, his hair messy in the cutest way and his face still full of sleep. He yawned, stretching, and rubbed away the sleep in his eyes.

"Morning Sleeping Beauty." You laughed, and he jumped, turning to where you sat at the table in the main room of the bunker.

”__-__-______! Hi! Uh, what’s up?” He asked, fixing his hair and leaning against the wall. Well, he meant to lean against the wall. But he was a few feet away from the wall, and ended up falling over. Your hand flew to your mouth as you tried to stifle a laugh, and he jumped right back up again. “I’m fine! I, uh, I meant to do that” he stammered, blushing. “Are, uh, are Sam and Dean here?” You eyed him carefully, a small smile tugging at your mouth. You had to admit, it was funny seeing him all flustered, and cute even. But you couldn’t help the nagging feeling that it was you who made him that way. You pushed the thought aside and answered him.

"No, they left for a hunt not to long ago. It’ll be just you and me for a few days, and Cas too, if we need him." At the mention if the two of you being alone together, Kevin’s eyes went wide. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. "Is there something wrong with that?" You asked carefully, not doing the best job of hiding the slight hurt in your voice.

"No! Not at all!" He replied quickly, waving his hands and shaking his head enthusiastically. "Not a problem at all, ____! Complete opposite of a problem! I mean, wha-what would be the problem with hanging out with someone you-" He stopped cold, realizing what he had almost said. You just sat there and blinked for a second, not sure of what to do. Had he just…hinted at feelings he may have had? No, of course not! You were reading too much into it, or at least that was what you told yourself. But for once…you didn’t believe a word of it.

"I’m just, gonna, ah, get some breakfast." He said hurriedly, backing away. He ran into a few chairs, but as soon as he got to the kitchen, he bolted in. You had to suppress a giggle. You heard him mumbling to himself, but you couldn’t make out what he was saying. Soon the sound of cooking drifted into the main room, and you shut your book once again.

You were now plagued with the most difficult thing, what to do? You could see all the signs of possible affection, but you didn’t want to make any assumptions. It may ruin your friendship, and that was the last thing you wanted. But at the same time, you wanted to clear the air, and find out once and for all what his feelings were. After a while, you had decided. You were going to confront him, but now the question was how? How should you do it? Straight out ask him, or dance around the subject until he gets the hint? After a long time of thinking, you decided you would just buck up and ask him what was up. He had been in the kitchen for a while now, and the sound of pots and pans had died out ages ago. You could tell he was avoiding you, but you didn’t care.

Taking a deep breath, you stood up and walked into the kitchen. Kevin was picking at his food, having eaten barely half of it, when he saw you walk in. Instantly, his demeanor changed, and he looked back down at his plate. You slid into the chair across from him, propping your head up in your hands on the table, and just stared at him. He kept his head down, glancing up every now and then to see if you were still there, and when he locked eyes with you, he would turn away again.

"Okay, what is up with you?" You asked finally.

"N-nothing is wrong, ______. Why would you, why would you think that something was wrong?" He scoffed, his voice going up an octave, glancing around the room. You gave him your best ‘Really? I’m not buying it’ bitchface (that you had picked up from your brothers), and he just gave you a nervous smile.

"Kevin, I know you. You have yelled at Sam and Dean without backing down. You’ve faced Crowley, the freaking King of Hell with a smug ass smile on your face, twice! And whenever it’s just you and me in a room, you fall all over yourself, you can’t look me in the eyes, you stutter, you ramble, you’re all out flustered and nervous. So tell me, what is wrong? And I want the truth mister, I can tell when you’re lying." You looked at him, waiting patiently for your answer. He took a deep breath, calming himself. Looking back up at you, he spoke.

”_____, I…I’m in love with you!” He spat out. He squeezed his eyes shut, slightly turning his head away, as if flinching at what you might say next. Of course, you couldn’t get that many words out, you were in shock. He loved you. You had waited so long to hear that, and now you didn’t know how to respond. So you just sat there, jaw dropped, trying to speak but nothing coming out. After a moment, Kevin slowly opened his eyes, looking back at you, slightly surprised to see your reaction. “It’s just,” he continued, hesitantly. “I’ve known you for a while now, and, I really really like you. Like, I love your laugh and the way you smile, and you, you want to help people. You are happy when other people are happy, and you’re, you’re just, so amazing, and I, I get kind of nervous when it’s just us, because, well, you’re beautiful, and I’m just, well, me, and, um. I, I’m scared that you don’t feel the same way, and then things would be awkward, and I really don’t want to ruin what we already have and-”

"Kev" you say, but he’s rambling now, and he’s so nervous he doesn’t hear you.

"I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or feel pressured to like me-"

"Kevin" you said a bit louder, a bit singsong-y to try and get his attention.

”- because I value you as a person, and I want you to be happy. So if you just want to stay friends-“

"KEVIN!" You shouted, and he stopped, giving you a sheepish smile. You just shook your head, smiling like an idiot. "You know, for someone who was in advanced placement, you are really stupid."

"Wait, what?" He gave you a confused and slightly hurt look.

"Kevin, I’ve had feelings for you for a really long time. I was always too nervous to tell you, so I kept it in. I thought you only liked me as a friend. But then I noticed how jumpy and nervous and flustered you would get around me, and I thought, ‘Hey, maybe I’ve been wrong.’ So I figured, ‘well, why not find out?’, and I did. I’m in love with you too, Kevin, you big idiot you." The look he gave you when you told him was like he just got the weight of the world taken from his shoulders. His eyes lit up and he smiled so big you thought his face you rip. He was speechless for a moment, but then he got up from his chair and walked over to you. He stood you up and pulled you into a kiss. You, happily, kissed back, smiling and wrapping your hands around his neck. His lips were soft, and took it slow, which you were glad for. Had it been any different, you probably would have fainted or something. You were already lightheaded and your head was spinning from his confession, and you knew he probably was too. You just stood there, kissing in the middle of the kitchen, not caring about anything else in the world, when your blasted cell phone rang and cut the moment short. You pulled away, sighing in frustration, and angrily answered it.

"What, Dean?" You snapped.

"Whoa there, no need to yell, I was just calling to check in. We stopped for gas, and I wanted to see how you were doing." Dean said, sounding slightly hurt by your tone.

"Sorry Dean, I didn’t mean to yell at you like that, it’s just, you’re kinda ruining the moment here, so…" You let your sentence trail off, giving Kevin an apologetic smile. He just laughed, and pulled you closer to him. Dean was silent for a moment, no doubt trying to figure out what you meant, slowly piecing together the puzzle.

"Kevin?" He asked after a while. "You and Kevin?" You smiled at Kevin, sighing.


"Hi Dean, hi Sam" he said into the phone, and you couldn’t help the giggle that left you. "Not to be rude, but, we were kind of in the middle of something, so…we’re gonna have to call you back.” He smirked, hitting the ‘end call’ button on your phone, and kissing you again. You stood there for a while, reveling in the feeling of being in each other’s arms, and never wanting to let go. Sadly, air is a much needed thing for living, so you broke away, smiling wider than you ever had. Kevin mirrored your smile, gently tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

“Why don’t we go watch a movie in the screening room? I’ll let you pick, if you want.” He offered.

“As long as we can cuddle a bit while we watch.” You said, grinning, and pulling him out of the kitchen. Kevin snaked his arm around your waist and pulled you close.

“Fine by me.”

*Meanwhile at a gas station miles away from the bunker*

“He hung up on me!” Dean shouted to Sam, slightly angry, and slightly proud at the same time. Sam just laughed, shaking his head.

“At least they finally admitted their feelings. I’m pretty sure if that had gone on for any longer, Kevin would have broken something.” Dean got back into the car, shutting the door and starting it up.

“Yeah, me too.” He said with a small smile. But then, realization at what that meant dawned on him, and he scowled. “But if he hurts her in any way, I will not hesitate to kill him.”

“Dude, I’m pretty sure that _____ would beat you to it.” Sam pointed out with a proud smirk, and Dean could only nod in agreement.

——End of Fic——

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll be back later! I promise!


"Soooo, Deanbean….when we get back to the moteeeelll…I’d like that last piece of pie."

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Supernatural One Shot

Written based off of this ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PERSON’S imagine - Imaginethatsupernatural 

Imagine meeting Dean for the first time on a hunt when he ends up saving you.

Reader Gender: Female (only ‘cause it’s written as if ‘you’ is a girl)


   ”Thank you, come again.” The cashier’s bored voice annoys you, and you take your bags and leave as quickly as you can. 
It’s a grey sort of day. Not rainy, but not sunny either. Glaring up at the sky as if it will change something, you swiftly turn a corner out of town. Your house is just outside the hustle and bustle of town life, on a lake and next to an abandoned cottage. Your friends think it’s weird, but you like the quiet. The dirty road beside you is not unusually quiet, but as you cross the street you notice a car parked outside the abandoned place next door. A 1967 Chevy Impala. You only know it off the top of your head because your dad was a car nerd in his prime. Trees swarm the property, so you can’t see through to the next house once you gone far enough. You shrug, figuring it was a rich couple planning on turning the old place into a summer cottage, or something to that effect. Balancing the heavy bags you pull your keys out of your pocket and unlock the creaky door. The front hallway is long, with doors to two bathrooms, the kitchen and connected living room, a laundry room and a guest bedroom. At the end are stairs to the second floor, with a bathroom and two bedrooms. At the very end of the hall, the glass door to the backyard reveals your dog, Athena, a lab, running around wildly to chase butterflies. You smile and giggle a little watching her, before moving to the kitchen to put down the plastic bags. The place is big for just you, but it’s been in your family as long as anyone can remember. 

Hearing Athena bark from the backyard, you smile and shake your head. Butterflies were her worst nightmare. She just seemed to hate them with a rage that could make the devil envious. Running to the back, you watch as your dog barks angrily towards the neighboring house. You open the door, and, taking Athena’s rein, look around wildly for the butterfly. Until you realize that that isn’t what she’s barking at. Sounds are coming from the house next door, screams and bangs and crashes. you consider bringing your dog inside and ignoring them, but that’s when you hear the gunshot. Before you can consider your options you’ve unteathered Athena’s leash and are running back to the road, around the bend, past the car and into the old house.

You haven’t been here for a while, but you can tell that there are new scratches and wall-holes. You hear more banging and crashing, and start heading toward the sound. Vauge calls come through the walls. 
   ”Dean, this way!” You think you hear. You’d forgotten how massive the place was, and start heading the direction of the voice. Crashes and bangs sound, getting closer and closer, until you’re face to face with the source.

A horrible creature stands in front of you. It’s twice your height, with horrible pale green flesh that is so tight on it’s body you can see its bones. The thing looks down at you with sinister red eyes. Its mouth opens in a menacing grin, and drool slides down sharp, yellow teeth. You’ve only time to back up one step, you haven’t even screamed yet, when a ear piercing shot rings out, and the thing’s eyes roll back into its head, dropping to the floor. Behind it stands a handsome man, gun in hand. He watches you as he puts away his gun and walks over. You look down to your dog and slowly release the leash - you hadn’t realized you had been pulling on it so hard your hands were red. Slowly you drop to your knees and wrap your arms around the animal, calming it down. Athena lets out a few barks, but when she is sure it won’t hurt her mistress, she calms. You slowly stand as the man reaches you, keeping one hand on your dog. Athena, sensing another possible threat, is again on guard, a low growl in her throat. 
   ”Uh… hi?” You say tentatively, looking from the monster’s body to the man and back again a few times. 
   ”What are you doin’ out here all alone?” He asks, a hit of concern and a hint of anger in his voice at the same time. “It’s dangerous.”
   ”I… I live next door. Athena - my dog, she was barking and…” you trail off a moment, examining the horrid body. “What was that thing?!”
   ”Wendigo.” He says curtly. “Annoying little bugger. There’s another one in town we gotta go get.” 
   ”We?” As if on cue, another man with long brown hair rounds the corner were Dean had stood. 
   ”Dean!” he calls out, running to the pair. Dean turns slightly to the other and then back. 
   ”I’m Dean. This is my brother, Sammy.” Sammy groans.
   ”Sam." He corrects, a small glare towards his brother before putting his hand out for you to shake. "Sam Winchester." You take it cautiously, your other hand holding onto Athena’s leash. 
   ”Y/N.” You tell him. “Y/N Y/L/N. Did… did a regular bullet kill that thing?” 
   ”Nah.” Dean answers. “Silver bullet.” You nod like that makes perfect sense. Then something clicks in your head.
   ”Wait… You said there was another one…?” Sam nods.
   ”Yeah, in town. They don’t usually come in pairs like this, it’s weird.”
   ”Usually… There are more of these…”
   ”Right. How many?!” 
   ”Dunno.” Dean replies. “They’re all over the world. These, and things like ‘em.”
   ”Things like them?” Dean and Sam exchange a glance.
   ”Well, monsters and demons and angels and everything?”
   ”They’re all real.” You stare at the two, wide eyed. Your first reaction is that they’re pulling your leg. A practical joke sent by one of your friends to ‘lighten you up’. But the look in their eyes when they said it… They weren’t lying. You didn’t know how you could tell, but you were sure. And it terrified the living daylights out of you. You could feel your hand with the leash shake slightly, and Athena began to nudge and warm up to your leg, sensing your fear. You gulp, in a futile attempt to stay calm.
   ”So… you guys, what? Hunt the bad stuff?” Sam chuckles, amused to a certain extent.
   ”I guess you could say that.” 
   ”So… what does this… Wendigo thing do to deserve a silver bullet in the head?” 
   ”Wendigos are canibals. They eat people.” Dean said it so matter-of-factly that it frightened you. 
   ”So, all the killings in town lately, were they from…” You look down at the body.
   ”Yeah.” You squeeze your eyes tight, and take a deep breath.
   ”Then you could use some help.” Sam panicked a moment.
   ”No, you-“
   ”Don’t try to tell me I don’t have to, that you’ve got it, that I could get hurt, or any other BS. These things killed my sister, and I will rest easier knowing they’re gone. There is no way in hell that I’m not going.”
   ”Y/N, this is some pretty gruesome stuff. You aren’t scared?” Dean said, almost mockingly, trying to get you to go home. You can only assume they thing you’re younger than you are.
   ”I can tell it’s gruesome! And yeah, I’m terrified! But I’m not gonna let my sister’s killer destroy anyone else’s life!” Sam opened his mouth to protest, but Dean spoke first.
   ”Alright. Meet us out front at nine tomorrow.” You nod solemnly and, pulling Athena behind you, start to walk away.
   ”Hey!” Sam calls. You turn your head as you stop.
   ”What’s your dog’s name?”

You’ve developed a slight headache from that adventure, and start to head inside until you hear voices. Curiosity getting the better of you, you stop a moment, crouching close to the ground and petting Athena.
   ”Dude, what was that about?” Sam says, upset.
   ”This is dangerous! She could get really hurt!”
   ”Dude, it was her sister! If you died for good I would be after whatever killed you!” 
   ”Me too, but we’re hunters! She’s just a normal girl. What happens if she dies?” 
   ”Sammy, we can’t stop her. Now she knows, she’ll be going after it with or without us.”
   ”You can’t know that.”
   ”Anyone brave like that would do it. You would. I would. Bobby would. She would. I’d rather she come with us, wouldn’t you?” Sam grumbles more, but says nothing. You hear their car doors slam as you get to your feet. 
   ”Come on Athena. Lets get some rest. Big day tomorrow.” 

anonymous said:

I love love love your blog. Soooo much, you post the best stuff. Are there any blogs like you that are really funny and or post supernatural stuff?!

Hey, you! Come off anon so I can give you some love! *Muah*

Thank you for your nice words, that means so much to me (◕‿◕✿) By the by, the reason it took me so long to respond was that I was on vacay in europe for a month with extremely sketch hotel wifi. I tried to do this once while I was over there, and I almost finished before it got completely deleted. Lets just say, tears were shed.

I love you, by the way. Just thought you should know. 


You’re too precious for this world.


Let’s get to this, shall we?

Absolutely fucking hilarious  Funny blogs

1.thathilariousasian Let me just say, this blog is beautiful, okay? Absolutely perfection.
2. pizza Okay isn’t this like one of the biggest blogs on tumblr or something? I cant even handle it I cry reading this blog.
3. Magicul I just discovered this blog recently and I still cant handle it
4. not-a-doctorr Ive been following her for a long time and I still laugh
5. thepowerofpie  Yes this is a supernatural-esk blog but it’s too hilarious not to put in here.

Supernatural Blogs (I CANT HANDEL THESE)

1. thepowerofpie Hey look its back again thats because its effing amazing
2. assbutt-the-fallen-angel This is one of my favorite blogs ever. Honestly.
4. freckled-and-reckless I could scroll through her blog all day its so beautiful. (And she has The Cab as her blog song so 10 points to her for that)
5. deepdishpetezza Shes a dear friend of mine and runs a hilarious blog. And feel free to message her, she’s really nice!
6. thewinchesterbrotherslove This is a beautiful blog about beautiful people with beautiful written fanfictions. She wrote literally one of the best imagines I have ever read- I was honestly crying by the end of it

Supernatural Imagines Blogs 
~I love imagines and preferences they make me so happy to write and read so here are some of my favorites~

1. Imaginethatsupernatural This blog is so classic. She makes beautiful imagines and is UH-MAZING at finding GIFs for it. She’s also a sweetie. Praise Mama T!
2. super-natural-daydreams I LOVE LOVE LOVE Her imagines okay? She writes amazing imagines, and she actually does ships for people, which I rarely see and really appreciate. I love all the spn boys… Who can decide? 
3. supernatural-imagines-for-you She writes really cute imagines and is really good at tagging them for people avoiding stuff, which is really important for people. Its a really nice blog.
4. dirtysupernaturalimagines I know a lot of people down like this stuff, but its a great blog and has literally almost EVERYTHING on it. Its run by a great system and has a massive list of awesome admins and writers.
5. thewinchesterbrotherslove Hey look! It’s back! Im gonna say this again: She writes some of the most gorgeous imagines ever. They have just a beautiful flow to it- they way she writes wings, man… I can’t even deal.

So these are my recommendations. I am not in anyway promoting them through some sort of deal- I haven’t even communicated with 90% of them! These are just my honest opinions about these awesome blogs. And, the way they are ordered isn’t any rank of how good they are, it was just the way they appeared when I went through what blogs I was following to get the links. They’re all amazing and I hope you see that too.

Thank you, anon! I love love love you! Have a great morning/day/night! -Rian (◕ω◕✿)

I have finally liked 100 posts! XD I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.. I’m gonna take it as a good thing because it’s all thanks to these amazing blogs! 

Like seriously, if you haven’t followed these peeps, please do! :3

Much love from an avid follower :)


"I knew I needed to make it special…didn’t think the rain would help but it did."

Requested by: trickynici

  • I finished the Skimmons one-shot I was writng
  • I still need a beta for said one-shot
  • I’m writing two au’s at the moment
  • One featuring the Avengers
  • The other featuring the AoS team
  • I started watching Supernatural
  • I now want to cry every time some says Sam, Dean or Cas. Which sucks since my sister is named Sam
  • I have a new favorite blog and it is imaginethatsupernatural
  • Follow imaginethatsupernatural
  • Ask imaginethatsupernatural if you can join the family (She will say yes)
  • Call imaginethatsupernatural Mama T and accept Crowley as your dad

"And now you’re here. And I can’t do anything about it….I can’t save you from it either."

Requested by: alltimetiger

I was tagged by godstiels-fallen-angel

1. What’s your name? Laura
2. What’s your url? spn-cas-05
3. What’s your blog’s name? I don’t understand that reference
4. Do you have a crush? Yes
5. What’s your favorite color? Dark Blue
7. What’s your favorite band/singer? One Direction
8. Favorite number? 27
9. Favorite drink? Sweet Tea

I tag: itstheheartofashipper imaginethatsupernatural messed-up-fallen-angel mishaballin

Get Out

Inspired by X imaginethatsupernatural

"You’re really going to leave?" Jason asked, watching Jakson pack her bags.

"Yes, Jason. I am. I’m done with this. I’m done with you." Jakson said, looking at Jason.

"You’re not leaving." Jason said, a smug smirk on his face. Jakson glared at him.

"Yes, I am, Jason. You’re staying out, not returning my calls, and then you’re getting pissed when I do the same thing. I’m a hunter, I stay out and can’t call. You knew that when you started dating me." Jakson said, zipping up her last bag. She moved to grab it and take it off the bed, when Jason went to her and grabbed her wrists.

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AND I’d like to point out one other blog too. 

This girl is an amazing person at such a young age already. Thank you.