- he always grabs ur ass
- “you’re better off without your clothes”
- you play tictactoe so that you can choose who gets to shower first
- movie marathons every single night
- neck kisses
- you’re always covered in hickeys
- he is too
- selfies
- constant trips to the grocery bc you guys eat a lot
- “babe have you seen my shirt”
- you always wear that ‘shirt’
- you brush your teeth together
- lazy days
- shoving each other while watching bc there’s not enough room on the couch
- you cuddle instead
- but he shoves you off
- “where the hell is zambibia”
- “do you mean zimbabwe”

DEAR CALUM + [listen] - from all the letters that i’ve saved.

i. all about you - calum hood // ii. sos - ashley frangipane // iii. photograph - ed sheeran // iv. heart like yours - willamette stone // v. is there somewhere - halsey // vi. kiss me - ed sheeran // vii. beside you - 5 seconds of summer // viii. james dean & audrey hepburn - sleeping with sirens // ix. i won’t mind - zayn malik // x. ghost - halsey


- “did you see that new band in town today”
- “whAt?!?-!?’&-8”
- morning breakfast consists of burnt or undercooked pancakes
- fuck that let’s just eat cereal instead
- but you still do it
- make out on the kitchen counter yo
- you wear his flannels to sleep
- he always wears his snapbacks
- “why does everyone say i’m a giant”
- “ur just a tree boi”
-you always run out of hot water bc luke takes so long in showering
- bed is never made
- he grinds on you while you make food
- “i’ll give you a blowjob if you stop that”
- “luke can you reach the-”
- “where is my guitar pick”
- shower sex
- sex
- sex


A/N : sooo here’s the masterlist. I’ll try and update it as often as i can :) 





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PROMPT; here
COMMENTS; I adore Pietro and I hope that you do too! I tried to make this fluffy and funny and I’m not sure whether I achieved this but I hope you like it!
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to request here!
WARNING; aou spoilers and fluffiness

“Who do you think is faster?” My head raised slowly, my eyes lifting from the text of the book I had clutched in my hand. I tilted my head to the side as the white blonde boy in front of me cracked an apprehensive grin. I lifted an eyebrow, watching as he hopped from foot to foot, seeming excited. “Me or Usain Bolt?”

I let a sigh fall through my lips as I tried to turn my attention back to copy of Nineteen Eighty Four, but I couldn’t concentrate as my boyfriend bounced about, his whole body leant forwards as his musical accent filled the room. He’d been going on and on about being the fastest man in the world; that was until Clint had decided to rain on his Sovokian parade and point out that the world already had a fastest man and it wasn’t officially Pietro Maximoff, but a Jamaican powerhouse who liked to dapple in Virgin Broadband advertisements.

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Imagine Dean overhearing a conversation between you and your friend

“Mm-hmm. Oh god, yes!” You giggled and held the phone closer to your ear, wanting to get nearer your friend that was currently on the other side of the world. Not that you would risk meeting her often anyway since you did not want her to be dragged into the mess you and the rest of all hunters were in.

“Okay Y/N, time for gossip!” Your friend squealed and giggled into her phone. “Tell me everything about your current status with Dean!” She demanded but you could hear the familiar smile in her voice.

“You already know it all, girl.” You said, biting your lip to keep you from smiling. You and Dean shared a very precious bond, a bond that would last through what seemed like everything.

“Oh, don’t give me that! Any more firework kisses, some good ol’ doodilidoo or anything else?”

You burst out laughing at your friend’s ridiculous choices of words. “Doodilidoo is not even a word. I think.” You laughed and threw your head back on the couch, enjoying this conversation a lot.

“Give me something, Y/N. I crave this, especially since I’m single.” She pretended to cry and you could see her wiping a fake tear away. “I also want love.” She said and you smiled a side looped smile and glanced at Dean who wasn’t too long away from you. He wasn’t near enough to hear your conversation, at least you didn’t think so. You sighed happily and smiled carefully.

“He’s perfect. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you, but I will never stop thinking so. Dean is Dean and that is what makes him so amazing.” You paused for a second. “I would give up everything to be with him, Y/F/N.” You smiled to yourself and bit your lip as you began to speak a little quieter, watching Dean’s movements as he was doing research. “He’s the only one for me. I love him.”

There was a short pause and you saw Dean look up for a second, but not in your direction, still you could see the smile spreading on his lips.

“Awww.” Your friend whined admiringly, loving your relationship with Dean. You could hear her sniffle on the other end. “I ship it.” She said after a second and a deep breath.

“Yeah, I do too.”


Stuart: Where’s Tom Bombadill?!

Y/N: Babe, they didn’t put him in the movies…

Stuart: What?! But he was like one of the best characters!

Y/N: I know…I know, calm down and watch the movie please we’ve still got 2 hours left…


“Don’t move baby, I’m coming”


‘Yeah, he’s hot and I really like him, but he probably doesn’t know I exist, Lydia. Why would a guy like Isaac notice me?’ I tell Lydia for tenth time. We’re walking in the hallway, books in hand, in our way to the history class.
‘I don’t know Y/N, maybe he surprises you’ a man’s voice surprises me from behind. I turn around and see Isaac checking me out, I instantly blush and try to look away‘See you later darling’