"who’s your crush"

"Ashton Irwin"

"No,i mean a real person"



Request ~ No
A/N ~ I found the gif/picture i used in this and just had to make a text imagine with it lol

AU ~ Ashton is out doing band related things for the day. He winds up in meeting while you wind up alone and horny. So you start texting him and things escalate quickly and sooner than you think you earn yourself a punishment or two.

#208 - Spankings.


"Do you know why you’re being punished, Kitten?" Michael asked, taking off his bracelets while staring intently at you. You knew Daddy was upset with you, just by how his jaw flexed and how dark his eyes were. "Answer me." "I-I touched myself without asking for permission." You murmured, blushing wildly. "Sorry I didn’t hear you." "I touched myself without asking." You said louder, biting your lip as he nodded, a smirk on his face. "Come here and bend over." You swallowed the lump in your throat slowly walking to where he was seated on the couch. You could already see the tent in his pants, and it made you giggle a bit. He pulled up your dress, groaning to himself. "No panties baby? Naughty girl." He hit your left cheek, a gasp leaving your lips before he did the same to your right. He started repeatedly spankinging each of your cheeks, your hand soon reaching back to grab at his wrist. "It hurts, Daddy." "Good, maybe next time it’ll remind you not to disobey me." He messaged your cheeks for a while, just to relax you. A sigh left your lips before he started to spank you again. "Daddy, please." Your backside was on fire and he only laughed. "I think you have to make it up to Daddy if you want me to stop." He smacked you again, another gasp leaving your lips. "What do you want me to do?" "Get on your knees for me." You slid off of his lap onto the floor in front of him, a laugh leaving his lips. He started to unbuckle his belt, his smile so big it almost outstretched his face. "My good good girl." He cooed, petting your head while pulling his cock from his confines, tapping it against your lips.


Daddy had told you to wait in the bedroom for him while he finished recording with the boys. You didn’t mean to, but you just couldn’t help it. You just wanted to some attention from him but he only gave you a cold stare and whispered for you to go upstairs before he embarrassed you in front of the rest of the band. Your small hands trembled in anticipation. When Luke punished you, it was never pretty. He would sometimes leave you with your ass cheeks redder than the red socks you liked to wear to bed sometimes. “Y/N?” You gasped, sitting up straight, watching the door open slowly. He smiled at you, before pulling off his shirt. “Ready for your punishment?” He kissed you sweetly, caressing your cheeks. Nodding sheepishly, you watched him sit down in the chair in the corner, his finger wagging at you to come to him. “Take off your shorts and panties.” You didn’t waste any time, shedding off your clothes and standing in front of him in just a tank top before bending over his lap. “Remember to thank me for each one.” “Yes Daddy.” You whispered, closing your eyes and grabbing his calf, waiting. He struck your left cheek, a loud gasp leaving your lips. “Thank you Daddy.” Right cheek. “Thank you Daddy.” He continued, his cock straining against his skinny jeans as you continued to silently thank him. He slipped his finger between your folds, rubbing you gently as you started to relax. “Feel good?” You nodded, biting your lip. “Want Daddy to please you, Kitten?” You nodded again, turning your head. “Please.” He chuckled, lifting you up and carrying you to the bed, an excited grin on his face.


You knew you were wrong, it felt so dirty but so right at the same time. The boys were over yours and Ashton’s house to do some recording and you were simply watching a movie when a sex scene came on. You couldn’t help but think about Ashton, but he was busy so you took matters into your own hands. You didn’t know the boys were watching and it resulted in a very angry Daddy. “Come.” You rose from the couch, standing in front of Ashton, the boys only a couch away. They already knew about what sexual activities you and Ashton indulged in, he was never quiet about your sex life. “You want to touch yourself in front of the boys huh? Well now you’ll get punished in front of them.” You were only dressed in a skirt and your favorite t-shirt. He pulled you on top of his lap, pushing up your skirt. Their eyes widened, not used to seeing Ashton’s girlfriends bare ass. He struck your left cheek, a gasp leaving your lips as you dropped your head out of pure embarrassment. “This is what happens to bad girls.” Ashton joked, beginning to repeatedly spank you. Your backside started to sting and you reached back, grabbing his  wrist and tugging on it. “Ow, Daddy.” Luke gulped, shaking the thoughts from his head. Ashton grabbed your wrist, pulling it away and only spanking you rougher. “Daddy!” “What baby, have you learned your lesson?” He spanked you again, your one hand tightening on his leg. “Y-Yes Sir.” “Stand up.” You stood, Ashton holding up your skirt to reveal your red ass to the boys. “She’s got a hand print.” Calum gasped, trying to hide his boner. “My good girl.” Ashton whispered, kissing your tummy before smiling.


The air in the room was thick, Calum getting out of the shower while you waited ever so patiently. He caught you. You didn’t mean to do it so long, but it felt so good. He shouldn’t have bought you the vibrator if he didn’t want you to use it. Daddy was beyond angry, making you strip down to your underwear while he stepped into the bathroom, twenty minutes later and he still wasn’t out. Your legs were still shaking, since your orgasm earlier got destroyed by Daddy coming home earlier than expected. “I’m almost done, Kitten.” He called, your stomach twisting into a thousand knots. The door soon opened, Calum stepping out as he smirked at your form sitting on the bed. He sat in the chair, smoothing out his pajama pants before patting his legs. Knowing what to do, you bent over his lap, a small groan leaving his throat. “Can’t wait to spank this perky ass.” You grabbed his calf as he struck your left cheek, gasping at the sharp pain. “Such a bad girl, pleasuring yourself without me here. Makes me sad.” Right cheek. He continued to spank you, hard. “Ow Daddy!” You closed your eyes, biting your lip as he continued. He slipped his hand between your legs, fingers slowly penetrating you. “Still so wet, huh baby?” You nodded, moaning, the pleasure taking over the pain.