Everyone creates the thing they fear…


Okay but honestly listen to these lyrics. Can you NOT see Garnet singing this??

“Got a vision that no one else sees, lot of dirty work roll up your sleeves. Remeber there’s a war out there so come prepared to fight.” 

“I’d rather stand tall, than live on my knees. Cuz I am  a conquerer, I wont accept defeat.” 

And also Im not the only one who thinks this…..

Excuse me while I die in a corner. 

You know it’s real when you still find Luke attractive while picking his nose …

“Our enemies will fall!”

bonus Jasper:

Lok’tar Ogar!

Disconnected Layered
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  • 5 Seconds of Summer

This was in my drafts for like 3 months so I’ve decided to just post it

Wear earphones :)

his nickname for you (4/4)

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Ashton: Giggles. It all started the day you both met. That entire day you couldn’t help but smile and giggle at his cheesy jokes. You even laughed at his bad puns. “Can I call you Giggles?” “Tell me a joke, Giggles.” This name only makes an appearance on occasion. He generally uses this nickname when you’re feeling down or to tease you about something. Whenever or however he uses it, it never fails to make you smile. The name holds so many great memories. It brings you back to the beginning of your beautiful relationship. Meeting him was one of the greatest moments in your life and having him call you ‘Giggles,’ brings you back to those amazing times.

Calum: Beautiful. This name slips out of his mouth without him even noticing. He says it so effortlessly because he truly believes that you are a beauty. How was your day beautiful?” “Want me to make some breakfast, Beautiful?” He loves to remind you how pretty you are. You can’t remember a time when your cheeks didn’t go red from this nickname. He especially loves to call you beautiful while you both are cuddled in bed. You nuzzle your face into his neck, smiling from his sweet nickname.

Luke: Sunshine. Luke has always called you this nickname even before you started dating. “Good morning, Sunshine.” “How’s it going, Sunshine.” This name never failed to bring a huge grin to your face. One day he had used this nickname in public and a fan was curious to know why. “Well, she’s the light of my life.” You giggled and your face flushed at his response. He held you close to his body and kissed the top of your head, smiling proudly at his answer. Ever since then, the name “Sunshine” meant the world to you, it was special. You’ve always adored that nickname but his explanation made you love and cherish it even more.

Michael: Babe. It all began with a blush. You and Michael had just started dating and he had invited you over for a movie date. He went through the trouble of buying multiple movies, buying candy, and making popcorn. You both decided on a classic, ‘The Breakfast Club’. As the movie began, he held you close into his side, one arm wrapped around your shoulder. “Can you hand me the popcorn babe?” He asked. You obliged handing him the popcorn, your cheeks turning a bright red. “Are you blushing?” “Nuh uh!” You said, burying your head into your hands. “I think you are. Why? Is it because I called you babe?” He chuckled at your slight embarrassment.You of course shook your head in denial, but Michael still teased you. “Stop,” you whined, giggling into his chest. “Sorry babe.” He held your face in his hands and softly brushed his lips against yours. “You’re just so cute when you blush. Babe.” He made sure to enunciate that last word.

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so bands that are gonna release / have released an album this year include: twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco, all time low, gerard way, fall out boy, muse, onerepublic, oh honey, imagine dragons, troye sivan, nate ruess, the maine, pierce the veil, real friends, the story so far, simple plan, enter shikari,  chunk! no, captain chunk, sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon …

2015 is the new 2005

turns out that im slightly muke af

awe, no luke is precious’

michael is like “yes luke, love you”

then he’s like, “no calum, luke is mine”

then he’s like “fuck off luke, you’re stupid”

but we all know micheals in love with luke, look at his face

and luke of course feels the same

look at them, so in love


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