L’unica persona che ti deve davvero mancare sei tu.
Il problema è che spesso non sai chi sei davvero: ti perdi nell’immagine che dai agli altri di te per proteggere quella che ritieni essere la tua fragilità
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Today I was confronted by a summoner called Imaggine. I believe him to be a member of Tresh’s kind… though I feel this weird energy around him he is rather naive and happy go lucky. Maybe he is but a pawn of his tribe and or even just a child come alive due a mistake.

Souls are not supposed to wander like this around among the livings. It pains me to see them freely in this world as they are lost. Their past is over yet an illusion of their future is build up before their eyes… never growing up and never understanding the world.

What a bliss and curse. I won’t look further into his past as it seems he is affiliated with the shadow islers though he is a child after all…


End of Entry



Personal imagine for imaggines-of-walkingdeadd 

[Daryl POV]

I was with Mikki’s father walking from an house to another to find food. As we enter the house, we separated to search. After a while I heard screaming. I run and saw a Walker eating her father. I killed the Walker and walk to him. He was bitten in the neck ” Daryl.. Promise me you’ll take care of Mikki ” he says. I nod. That make him nod and he took his gun and shoot himself.

[Your POV]

Daryl was back. I smile but it soon disappear when I only saw him. ” Where’s my father ” I asks him. He sigh but didn’t answer. I understood. I gasp and tars begin to escape my eyes. Daryl look at me and say ” He asks me to take care of you ” while hugging you. He tried to comfort you but it didn’t really work at first. 

[A Year After¨]

You were on a run with Daryl. You were trying to find warm clothes since winter was coming. Daryl always tells you to be careful. You were killing Walkers with your gun, your knife and your bow. You were in the living room looking in a closet. Your bow and your arrows were on the couch and you only had your gun. After a while of looking you turn around and saw a Walker. You scream and you saw an arrow crossing his head. You were shaking ” Sunshine be careful next time ” he says while picking up his arrow before hugging you. You picked up every clothes you both can pick up and drive back to the prison.

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This morning I spent in the country. Although the picture we can say that this evening, sunset. But this morning, and the early dawn! #sunrise #morning #sky #clouds #jj #jj_forum #jj_forum_0950 #jj_forum_0951 #jj_explained #gramoftheday (в 🎵Imaggine Dragons - Demons)

anonymous said:

You want him back right? And all you have to do is sign a peace of paper? That sounds like a good deal to me.

"Y…Yes..? M….Maybe..?" The boys covered his ears again, trembling. " I don’t know-“

"Oh….but Imaggine… No Masster…. No more deathhh…"

askimagginesummoner said:

二 三 四 六 八 九 ''I-I....'' blushes ( Nasus M!A off please )

Put a numeric kanji in my ask to tell me what you’d do with me~

二 I’d hug you.

三 I’d kiss you on the cheek.

四 I’d cuddle with you.

六 I’d fondle and caress you.

八 I’d stimulate you orally.

九 I’d have penetrative sex with you.

He heart patiently over the spectres words and chuckled a bit once he had finished. “This is quite the confession you have made there” he answered calm before he picked Imaggine up to kiss him on the forehead, well the skull. “You are brave but I fear this might be a problem in sizes”