The Canton Trade Fair by chwang
It’s the largest trade show in the world with over 57,000 exhibitors from 43 countries on 1,130,000 sq meters of floor space. It’s the Canton Trade fair from The Chinese Trade Ministry. The Ministry wanted a campaign to express this scale from China to run in 22 countries around the world. The result: “Is your appetite big enough?”

Electric Art / CSX by sharpeassociates
Electric Art utilized cgi, photography and retouching to create a complex and arresting cutaway image illustrating the multiple layers of qualification inherent in CSX Select Sites, pre-certified and zoned railway-adjacent land for industrial development across the U.S. Agency: Mullen NC, AD: Adam Skalecky, SAB: John Rosato, AB: Lillian Zabel

The Ultimate Summer by marylou_faure
Work in progress. After asking different people which element (smell, taste, atmosphere, feeling, sound, …) represents summer for them, I used the answer to create individual illustrations that will then be used as a Poster representing the “ultimate summer”.

Insect Definer by YaelCo
Interactive insect field guide- Content application for ipad, which allows digital text reading - a transformation from the printed content to digital media. The app will allow exploring and experiencing the world of insects in a new interactive way. The core of the app is its search possibilities, which use new search values that the printed book cannot provide us with. Through this new way of exploring, along with departing from the existing catalog conventions new intersections and contexts will be revealed among different insects.