Sebastiano Ricci


Italy (c. 1725)

Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

photo via supernaut.info

I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of good photography when it comes to the sharing and archiving of digital artworks. The images above, taken by Frances d’Ath, are extremely high-quality, as opposed to a lot of the images you’ll see in other online archives. To compare, this is the image for the Wikimedia file [via WGA.hu] on this painting:

The contrast in this image is much higher, the lighting is darker, and it’s a  grainier image overall. This is why I sometimes post multiple images of the same artwork, or make additional posts when I find a better picture of it. You can also check out this post to read more on how racism is ingrained in the history of photography, and why/how this affects images here that feature people of color in European art history.