Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 11 Spoiler Images

Suzuya came to the meeting room.


Mutsuki: Suzuya Associate Special Class!

Suzuya: Ya-ya—!?

Suzuya Juuzou (22) Associate Special Class Investigator. 160 cm 48 kg.


Sasaki: Suzuya-kun!

Suzuya: Oooo! Haise!


Sasaki stretched his arms open while Suzuya searched his clothes.

Mutsuki: ??



Abara: Sasaki Rank 1’s pockets are always stuffed with candies/snack. It makes me smile.

Suzuya: As expected of Haise~

Sasaki: I stuffed them in last night.


Abara: In that case, we predict that they will provide “human resource”.


Sasaki: Provide human resource?

Abara: You can call it “human trafficking”.

Nutcracker A (~) Rating Ghoul: Bikaku.


Abara: Nutcracker eventually will get requested by Madame. “They are raising humans”… that’s Section II, Washuu Associate Special’s prediction.


Shirazu: I’m sorry! I’m late!


Urie: (Saiko… He brought her with him!?)

Saiko: Hurry… We must return to Vana’Diel… Right, isn’t that right?


Q’s Residence

Urie: The treatment’s consent form, it requires your seal.

Sasaki: …”Treatment”?


Urie: To open the Frames. The increase of Rc Cells have stabilized. I can also use Kagune better than before. I believe it’s time to bring the “experiment” to the next level.

Sasaki: …”Experiment”?

Sasaki: …I took the role given to me by Chief Washuu to be your mentor in order to show you the correct way of using this power.

Washuu: I leave it in your hands, Sasaki-kun. This plan rests on you.


Sasaki and rest pretended to be coffee’s shop customers to spy on Nutcracker’s activity.

The person that they thought is Nutcracker is talking to a skinhead man.

Shirazu: …No good. My ears’ condition today aren’t good. To think that we are so close with these suspicious people.

Shirazu: Saiko, can you do it?

Saiko: …The sound of something bouncing?


A glass fell and broke.




Kanae: I’m returning this.

Hori Chie: So? How is Tsukiyama-kun?

Kanae: Scheiße… (Damn rat), …Do I even need to say?

Tsukiyama’s Servant.

Kanae Von Rosewald (18) 168 cm 57 kg.


Tsukiyama: Kanae… What’s “this”?


McMoon’s - Abandoned McDonald’s at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California Re-Purposed for Historic Digital Image Enhancement

NASA has loaned the facility to a team of engineers and hackers who are re-digitizing footage from 1960’s lunar orbiters, returning the footage to the  original digital quality (roughly equivalent to a DVD, but from the 1960’s). Ancient computers sit next to the best in modern computer technology to bring the early history of our space program back to full resolution, right next to the original McDonald’s fixturing and fryers.

via Urban Ghosts

The Super Hero Taisen website has been updated. It now features Kamen Rider Ichigo, Kamen Rider Drive, and Kamen Rider Mach with the logo for Super Hero Taisen Grand Prix: Kamen Rider #3.

Shoji Yonemura, the screenwriter of all the Super Hero Taisen films, returned to write the screenplay while Takayuki Shibasaki (Movie War Full Throttle) is directing. Filming began on November 29th 2014. Super Hero Taisen GP will premiere on March 21st 2015.