With the Psycho-Pass Movie debuting in Japanese theaters last January 9, Shunya Yamashita who is a professional illustrator and character designer and widely known for designing Kotobukiya’s bishoujo figures of the heroines of DC, Marvel, Street Fighter, Tekken and Star Wars, has posted hi……

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INTERVIEW / Women’s Weekly 2014 October issue

The special album ‘TIME’ that was released on the 20th in Korea surpassed 100,000 in pre-orders alone. First place on various music sites, BEAST who is properly showing the dignity of a Korea top idol. Not only in Korea, but also releasing a new single ‘How About You’ in Japan where they have many fans.

This time too, Junhyung-goon who is in charge of rap is in charge of writing the lyrics and melody. “I think of you this way, what do you think?” sending a love message with this kind of content.
Yoseob: It is a song where we turn our fans into our girlfriends. I really like how the song is exciting.
Junhyung: The part I like the most is the chorus. It expresses everything about this song. I hope you can remember it.

“Doogun-doogun (heart thumping sound)” that is in the chorus. Anything lately that made you feel that way?
Junhyung: When fans are looking at us. I’m happy. I’m sure the members all feel the same way.
Dongwoon: That and when I headed to Hawaii for a holiday. It happened that there were no schedules so together with members Doojoonie hyung, Junhyungie hyung and another producer hyung, the 4 of us suddenly decided that as a destination.
Doojoon: We couldn’t go all together so I wanted to buy presents. But they only sold things that were available in Korea too….
Yoseob: From the start, I didn’t expect/anticipate anything (laughs).
Junhyung: I bought only one thing but it’s something Yoseobie already has.
Yoseob: What is it?
Junhyung: That’s a secret (laughs).
Dongwoon: I gave the 3 members who couldn’t go presents!

After the jokes, we talked about the other song ‘One Day’. This time too, it is a ballad made by Yong Junhyung who is conscious of Japanese songs.
Junhyung: I have a friend who had a sad break up so I made the song with a heart of comforting him/her.
Hyunseung: I also have a friend who broke up with his girlfriend recently. I wanted him to be strong so I played around a little and scolded him (laughs).
Kikwang: If I were to experience disappointment in love, I would either meet up with my friends or sunbaes, listen to advice, eat delicious things and I’ll forget the pain. I think it would also be a definite that the members will comfort me.
Junhyung: Of course!

Including the songs from the best album that was released in September, and this new single, they will be holding an Arena tour with 5 performances across 4 cities starting from 20th November.
Yoseob: We’ll be performing songs that were released in Korea too so you’ll be able to see new stages.
Kikwang: It seems like the fans reactions will differ from region to region so I’m anticipating how different it’ll be.

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|Imagine Telling Castiel that you bought a few guinea pigs|

You throw a few carrots in the trough at the end of the cage and you look at the top baby guinea pigs snuggled up in the house. Smiling you head out of your room and into the kitchen so you can find some other treats for your new guinea pigs. “Dean! Sam!” you hear a low voice shout knowing exactly who it was you ran up to him and pull him into a hug. “Hello, Y/N” Castiel says awkwardly wrapping his arms around your waist. “Where are Sam and Dean?” He asks you and you step back.

“Oh they are on a hunt, won’t be back for a few days probably I believe it’s a demon in Texas somewhere.” You tell him and Cas nod, stepping back he goes to click away when you remember how much he likes animals especially the small cute ones.

“Cas, would you mind giving me a hand first”,  you say and  you drag him into the kitchen quickly looking through the pile of veg you had you were surprised by the fact the Winchesters ate fruit and veg but then again Sam was a bit health conscious and the leviathan crap that happened. “Grab these Cas and cut them up so they are smaller” he did as you asked and cut the vegetables up into slices. “Thanks, the guinea pigs will love them.”

“You have a guinea pig? Where?” Cas asks and he genuinely seems amazed.

“In my room Cas come on follow me.” You add walking back to your small bedroom in the bunker as you opened the door you heard the happy squeaks of the too rascals you had adopted happily. “Cas, this is bubble and squeak, they found them on a hunt and now they are mine.” You say introducing them. “You can feed them if you want.” You say taking from the smile on his face; he was rather exited to see them, he smiles widely and he puts his hand in the small cage a large piece of cucumber in his hand he watches intently as the ball of fluff comes out of the house and eats the food out of the angels hands.

“It likes me.” He beams up at me like a child on their birthday and I pick up bubble and hold him in my arms. “Can I hold it?” He questions.

“Yeah, sit on the bed.” You comment and he follows your instructions, sitting on your bed his arms held out as you place the animal on his knee he softly pets the guinea pig on the back as he continues to feed it cucumber.