My Top 8 Helena Bonham Carter Movies.

3. Till Human Voices Wake Us; Alright, I may be a little biased because it’s an Australian movie, and I do in fact, live, down under. But she does the accent so well, it makes me proud! You go Helena for doing an Australian Movie, you go.

Except when I see Guy Pearce, all I see is him in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

(Note, Guy Pearce, the centre.)

My Top 20 favourite actresses [in no order]

Emmy Rossum; Her voice is INCREDIBLE and I just think she has natural beauty about her that a lot of modern actresses don’t have. Her acting style is fantastic, even if she’s not a HUGE star. 

My top pick: The Phantom Of The Opera.

My Top 20 favourite actresses [in no order]

Rachel McAdams; Fact: She’s amazing. I have seen this lovely lady in so many types of films, comedies, chick flicks, drama, etc. She’s marvelous in every one of them. 

My top pick: The Notebook.