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Apple - September Event 2014

It was 12am when I started playing so because I had to get up for work the next day I could only play for an hour. I will share more of my thoughts of the game once I play more :) I encourage you all to do the same. These are point form because I don’t like reading long text posts:

  • Home screen is totally different from the Sims 3. instead of choosing whatever neighbourhood you just load into one and then from there you can switch between neighbourhoods

  • first thing I did was jump into CAS. There are WAY more options then the demo. (So don’t worry.) FOR SURE going to fix up my Sim self with al these new clothing options ;)

  • I randomized a sim because I wanted to jump into game play. 

  • First thing I noticed was the loading screen (hard to avoid) it was fast on my computer however when more expansion packs and stuff come out I am sure things will slow down. 


  • not sure how i feel about the world not being fully open.. though I haven’t been in any community lots yet. 

  • The camera controls are weird.. so I had to change it to the Sims 3 mode. An hour later and I am still getting used to it. 

  • I downloaded a house from the exchange and decorated it. Things I noticed: No burglar alarm.. this made me very uneasy..

  • Also no dishwasher.. Also made me uneasy when my sim kept throwing food away.  

  • I LOVE how you can put photos and lights anywhere on the wall. 

  • in live mode the interface is so different from the previous games. I am used to having all the wants, needs, and profile at the bottom left. So the fact that the emotion is on the left and the needs are on the right is something I will have to get used to. 

  • Totally saw Bella goth running around so then i decided to play her house. I THOUGHT that it was just her and mortimer in her household. To my surprise her kids alexander and Cassandra are also there. 

That’s pretty much all I’ve done so far, on the weekend I will play it more for sure. What was the first thing you did when you booted up the game?