All this talk about wanting a female-led MCU movie and everyone’s like

"Black Widow movie!"

"Why not Carol Danvers? Because Black Widow’s already been stablished."

"And why just one? Why do we have to choose just one female movie?"

And I’m sitting here like… All I want is a team female movie. Like, gimme Captain Marvel’s origin story and Natasha being sent from SHIELD to investigate or get information in deep cover (kind of like in IM2) and they call in Jane Foster to do scientific research on what happened and Sif comes over because she knows about aliens and she and Jane hit it off and not once mention Thor.

Or gimme a Black Widow movie where we get her back story and introduce Carol Danvers as a secondary character to later give her her own movie and mean while Natasha and Melinda May and Bobbi Morse kick ass with Skye and Jemma’s help (plus if Skye turns out to be related to the Kree somehow she’d connect Carol to it)

Just give me Natasha Romanoff + Bobbi Morse + Carol Danvers + Wanda Maximoff + Jane Foster + Sif + Pepper Potts + the ladies of AOS. Add no men to the mix for no good reason other than this is a BAMF FEMALE TEAM and they actually get shit done and don’t start fighting over their egos or men or who’s more egocentric.

P.S: If you wanna add Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang and America Chavez to the mix, that’d be 10 times more awesome too. Just saying.