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let us pretend this was recent and that i look “okay” in this

1. How old are you? 


2. How many groups you stan and what are those groups?

Yeah, I don’t know the number but… BTS, VIXX, GOT7, BTOB, Winner, iKON, B.A.P, C Clown, B1A4, Topp Dogg, SPEED, Block B, A Pink, AOA, Rainbow, AKMU, Mamamoo, Minx, Girl’s Day, Ladies’ Code, EXO, [SNSD], 2NE1, Royal Pirates, High4, Infinite


3. Name your biases: In order: 

naaaah i CANT do this again!!! Let’s just say:

1) Park Jimin 2) Taehyung&Jungkook&Hoseok&Yoongi&Jin&Namjoon 3)Ken&Hakyeon 4) Chorong&Eunji&Ailee 5)Hanbin&Bobby 6)Hyunyoung&Hyejong 7) Jackson&Jinwoo&Mino

i’ll stop there… this list will never be accurate -_-

4. Three ships I sail:

Vmin, Neo, YoonSeok ^^

5. Your most favorite fanfiction?

HAHAHAHA we’re not gonna go there…

6. Your most favorite Korean film?

I’ve only seen two so…  Blind

7. Your most favorite drama (Korean or Japanese) 

It’s Okay That’s Love 

8. Your most favorite book (in general obviously)?

you know I had an answer for this before but now that I’m actually doing it I can’t remember -_-

9. What things changed after you discovered kpop? 

my life

I want to dance… I REALLY want to be able to dance…

10. Favorite ultimate bias’s body part?


11. That member who is not your bias but is constantly driving you crazy:

not that they aren’t all my bias’ but… MIN. FUCKING. YOONGI.

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fuckboy status: achieved

me ft. future husband