Team of 10 Coast 2 Coast Team 2015.

 We set the fastest time for the route ever and holy heck what a run 186 miles in 24.5 hours exactly, from St Bee’s (Cumbria) to Robin Hood’s Bay (Yorkshire) in aid of Dementia UK.

 If you wish to sponser us, then please donate to our justgiving page here.


i was tagged by kramering and brihseis for the 20 beautiful people challenge (btw thank you!!) and i actually was being pretty lazy to do it, but yeah

shitty front camera strikes again

i guess pretty much everyone already did it? but i’ll tag some of my mutuals that i’m not sure if they did it or not, you are all beautiful and i hope you find a nice fic and ten bucks on the floor

tonybruce scarlietwitch stevebarns clintsbarn  mattsmurdoks barneses spacebucky hhawkguy tthorgasm clntbartn bxckyrogers howlingcommandhos ughmarvel frozencap and pietrcmax


My contribution to Ace day.
Ace of clubs: aware that they fall in the asexual spectrum, but not sure where. Although I do have a boyfriend and I’m pretty sure I’m panromantic, I wasn’t sure where to categorize myself

Asexuals exist. Asexuals do not reproduce by making a clone of themselves. Lol


bae once more forcing me to put that ass on the internet smh

this time i won’t even pretend i’m normal or pretty tbh think what u want i’m still kinda cool

i won’t tag anyone specific bcs i’m kinda? no right now but if u see this & u want to do it? do it u sweet potato