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im sick and tired of people picking on every single fucking thing red velvet does just to find the smallest reason to hate them.

they get a comeback before exo/f(x)/snsd etc??? that’s on the company, not red velvet

they get a fandom name before f(x)??? WOW GUESS WHO’S FAULT THAT IS??? NOT RED VELVET’S !!!!!! fucking blame sm bc they’re a piece of shit

the mv is “too similar” to solo day?? they fucking filmed it in the exact same location whatt  the fuck did you expect holy shit man of course some scenes are gonna look the same

stop trying to dig up shit on red velvet and hating them for things they have absolutely NO CONTROL over. and if you’re mad about your “oppas” not getting a comeback/you really want them to have one go take your business to their mv and stop fucking commenting on red velvet’s if all you’re gonna do is talk about someone else!