~~ It is the first day of school for little Phaniel Howell

Phaniel is sitting comfortably at his desk awaiting the teacher to take attendance.

As the teacher is calling off names, Phaniel realizes that his odd name could raise questions.

'Phaniel Howell?” Phaniel is nervous to answer and hesitates

"Phaniel Howell are you here?"

"Here" he says tentatively

"Why, that’s quite an odd name you have there Phaniel…"

"Yea.. my Dad named me, he did it ironically

Little Phaniel cringes at these words, and they are only to be met by his greatest fear-

"I’ll put you down as ‘Phan’ for short"

Phaniel’s life is ruined forever

Another KPOP ask meme!
  • 1:A kpop idol you want to be?
  • 2:Your favorite female solo singer?
  • 3:Your favorite male solo singer?
  • 4:Your top 10 kpop boy groups?
  • 5:Your top 10 kpop girl groups?
  • 6:If you could date any kpop idol...who would it be? and why?
  • 7:Your top 5 favorite songs by _______?
  • 8:Which kpop song do you listen to when you feel upset?
  • 9:Which kpop song gives you the best memories?
  • 10:Your favorite "Engrish" line from a kpop song?
  • 11:Your bias in _________?
  • 12:Your favorite song by _____________?
  • 13:Your top 10 female biases?
  • 14:Your top 10 male biases?
  • 15:Your all time favorite album?
  • 16:The best kpop group is ______?
  • 17:Your top 3 OTP's from _______?
  • 18:Favorite MV by ______?
  • 19:Your first bias was?
  • 20:Your first ever kpop group?
  • 21:The song that made you fall in love with kpop?
  • 22:Your favorite duo?
  • 23:Your favorite rookie-group from -(insert year here)-?
  • 24:Last kpop song you listened to?
  • 25:Your favorite picture of your bias?
  • 26:An idol with the best body?
  • 27:Your favorite era of _____?
  • 28:Favorite picture of your favorite group?
  • 29:Your favorite selca of your bias?
  • 30:______ or _____? (song/era/actor/actress/groups/OTP/etc)
  • 31:How many kpop albums do you have?
  • 32:Have you ever been to a kpop concert?
  • 33:Tell me about your bias: Why is he/she your bias? How did he/she become your bias?
  • 34:How did you get into kpop?
  • 35:Favorite performance by _______?
  • 36:Do you watch any music shows?
  • 37:Do you wacth variety shows?
  • 38:Do you own any merchandise?
  • 39:Do you listen to ______?
  • 40:Your favorite group?
  • 41:Kill, fuck, marry -(insert 3 idol's names)-
  • 42:Your favorite K-Drama?
  • 43:Your favorite singer who's also an actor/actress?
  • 44:Do you think you'll still be into kpop in ___ years?
  • 45:What would you to do see your bias in person?
  • 46:A thing you wish would never happen in kpop?
  • 47:Which music label is your favorite?
  • 48:Your least favorite group?
  • 49:A group you thought you'd never listen to?
  • 50:Your favorite K-drama actor/actress?
  • 51:Your ultimate bias?
  • 52:Your top 5 favorite K-drama OSTs?
  • 53:A group that'll always have a special place in your heart?
  • 54:A kpop group you'll never stop listening to?
  • 55:If you could make a kpop group (co-ed or not) who would you put in it?
  • 56:What kind of concept do you want _____ to have?
  • 57:Your favorite GIF of your ultimate bias?
  • 58:How would you react if you got eye-contact with your bias?
  • 59:A question you'd want to ask your bias or _____?
  • 60:Your favorite rapper?
  • 61:Your favorite maknae?
  • 62:A "hyung"-line you like?
  • 63:Your favorite leader?
  • 64:A boyxgirl OTP?
  • 65:Make an edit of your ultimate bias?
  • 66:Make a photoset of _____?
  • 67:Make an edit of your favorite OTP?
  • 68:Make a GIF-set of your favorite MV?
  • 69:Make a fanart?
  • 70:Make an edit of your favorite girl group?
  • 71:Make an edit of your favorite male group?
  • 72:Make an edit of your favorite solo artist?
  • 73:Make an edit with ALL your biases from every group you like!
Things I noticed while watching the Muse Grammy Acceptance Speech

Dom looks like he’s hiding behind Matt and Chris is all serious.

Matt turns around to Dom and is like “DA FAQ YOU DOING BACK THUR?” Chris is still serious’d

When Matt talks about Kate, Dom is like “Ok.jpg” and Chris is all happy.

and who can forget:






Matt Smith as Patrick Bateman; Jenna Coleman as Jean; Karen Gillan as Evelyn Richards; David Tennant as Detective Donald Kimball; Arthur Darvill as Paul Owen; Billie Piper as “Christie”; Alex Kingston as Courtney Lawrence.

"You’re my lawyer, so I think you should know: I’ve killed a lot of people.”