i havent slept in 30 hours and im about to cry because it took me 5 times to spell hours right and i cant understand a single sign in this stupid sign language final why couldnt it be like all the other fucking finals we took why do we have to watch a video with like 50 signs we’ve never seen before

Grasping at Air | Riko & Katsumi | PP!AU

There’s always that feeling of regret that lingers, even after many efforts had been made to help alleviate the pain that came along with that regret. Perhaps she should have been more insistent, more stubborn than her usual self. She had seen it coming from the very start; it was the reason she was gifted with these eyes, right?

Katsumi’s… been demoted. The thought blared loudly in her mind, and it effectively distracted her from anything else otherwise. Riko exhaled deeply, pressing her fingers to her forehead as she frowned, caramel hues clouded over with grief. I let this happen. If I had just warned her more… I even saw it coming! Phrases that would be responsible for this feeling of guilt seeped into her mind, and Riko blinked suddenly as she heard footsteps, in the corridor of the hallway.

That’s not good. My hue will get clouded if I keep on doing that. It was hard to stay positive otherwise, but Riko lifted her head to meet whoever had just arrived. It was Katsumi- someone whom she hadn’t been prepared to meet just yet, but all the same, she was still… her friend and partner, right?

“… Hey, I’ll… help you carry those boxes to your room.” The Inspector that had accompanied her gave a nod at Riko, and the brunette walked over to the other, racking her mind on what to say. Don’t fuck up with your words now. “How are you faring with your injuries? Are you… well enough to go back to, um, working again?” That… recent case was rough, wasn’t it? It… did push you to your limits, after all. And now… here we are. You’re an Enforcer and I’m the Inspector watching over you right now.


I get really confused every time I use this move bc I assume its the titan bubble and nothing can shoot in or out of it. v unfortunate for an archer

The Brides dad of the wedding im coordinating passed away in the middle of the night.. 😔 she did not sleep last night. Poor bby.
I have no idea how poorly I’ll deal with my father passing.