i have this headcanon that after Liam’s high school graduation, all of the Gallagher siblings go out and get small matching tattoos to celebrate the fact that they’ve all made it. (and that even though it’s time for all of them to officially split apart, they will always have a reminder of when it was just the six of them.)


two weeks after defeating unavaatu || two weeks after being poisoned by zaheer and the red lotus

I know
I never came around
to saying this,
but I’m so sorry
for anything
I’d ever done to you.
I don’t know
why you left
or why you decided
to push me out
of your life,
but if it was
because of something
I’d done to you,
I just had to say
I’m sorry.
I didn’t ever mean
to hurt you.
I know it’s too late
right now
but there’s nothing
I’d rather do than
call you right now
and tell you
how much
I love you
and that it’s okay
you weren’t there
when I needed you
because at least
you were what
kept me strong.
I’m so sorry.
I’m so, so sorry.
It’s okay now.
I swear, it’ll be okay.
I’ll be okay.
But I need you
to be okay too.
—  maybe we’ll talk again someday
No sé si te has sentido así. Que quisieras dormir por miles de años, o  simplemente no existir, o simplemente no estar consciente de que existes, o algo por el estilo.
—  Notas de suicidio