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okay wtf i can't beLIEVE OR EVEN IMAGINE THAT YOU WERE A GIRL OHMYGOD WTF. im a boy and now im feeling desperate bc ur much more goodlooking than me :(

So as many of you know, my dad was recently fired from his job, making me the only one in my house who is working. My mom gets retirement but that only goes a little way with 7 people living in a 4 bedroom house with one bathroom and 2 dogs. My dad will be getting a final paycheck but after this month his insurance and everything cuts off which means I can’t afford my medicine for depression and if I were to decide to start HRT.

I hate having to ask again but im in a really desperate position being the only one with a job that make just barely above minimum wage that rarely gives me enough hours to make over 200 dollars a paycheck is really shit.

If you can donate, please do so and if not please signal boost.

Sorry again and thank you for your help


Does anyone have doodle fluff requests i just wanna draw cute shippy shit right now and im so desperate help me I’ll draw traditional shit

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hey dom, i dont really wanna bring u down or anything but im just so desperate and i feel so powerless because of my best friend, her family is just to much and makes her feel like shit, and i honestly dont know what to tell her to make her realize that sometimes people in are family's are dicks and dont deserve the time of day but she does and she is amazing. i just feel like i tell her the same thing over and over and its just :/

i’m so sorry for your pal! and for you as well, i know it’s hard to watch someone we love go through something that’s making them feel awful :c

i think we as humans are strange & funny creatures and even though we may know and understand that certain people are not worth our time or our thoughts, we can still be upset by the things they do, and how they treat us, even if it’s along the lines of a small “i wish they cared more” or “i don’t deserve this” or “what did i do, why are they like this, it’s all my fault” etc. i know i’ve thought things along this line about my dad, you know—even though for the most part i really have moved on from caring about our lack of a close relationship, i look around and i see girls with fathers, and i hear my friends talk about their dads, how close they are, how their dad is so funny and understanding and gentle blah blah blah. and my dad’s not like that at all. still he’s one of the only people in the world who can make me feel sorry for them. and of course we have days where these things get to us. we see people having these close intimate relationships with certain family and of course we wish we had that too. i think instead of saying like “your family—what they think doesn’t matter” (because trust me, she probably knows, but she still feels it all the same…) you can say something like “i’m your family too mate, and i love you, you’re amazing, i chose you as my family” do you know what i mean? because it doesn’t invalidate what she’s feeling but at the same time it gives her something bigger and better; a family who understands her & cares for her & makes an effort

you just gotta be there, sweets! all my love xo

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