for all the ppl asking for the bull/dorian scenes

cullen once LITERALLY SAID that there was an “argument to be made about making (tranquility) more widely used” and he AGREED WITH IT, do not DARE tell me he was sympathetic to mages in DA2 or even DAO (see- the magi origin when you’re not fucking flirting with him), do not DARE 

how many rites do you think he personally oversaw in the Gallows? How many mages do you think he personally cut down? He said mages “weren’t people like you and I (hawke)”; do you think he felt pity then? remorse for the lives and minds he was ruining? is there any excuse for tranquility?

And now there’s people callously taking Tranquility and using it as a cheap angst tactic, using it to make cullen suffer that wretched man pain you  guys cant seem to get enough of, and it’s honestly making me ill. 

shame on you 

rememba that one time in season 3 (bless) when stiles is sitting next to lyds in english and he notices that she’s gotta bandaid on her ankle and its so obvious that she made sure to get a bandaid that was the exact same color as her skin tone and nearly imperceptible to anyone who didn’t pay attention (which was pretty much everyone so she’d get away with it pretty easily- OR SO SHE THOUGHT) 

but stiles notices it almost right away and she probably sat there because she couldn’t decide if she was angry that he’d noticed or if she was feeling that feeling in her tummy again, that one that she gets when stiles says things that seem to warm her up inside, but she goes with the first thing and sasses him back because it’s all she’s ever known but stiles’ concern is real and she knows it for sure when he’s throwing his body over hers when a million crows attacked the room and she’s lost in the colors of his flannel and clutching him close to her, sighing out in relief when he brushes a hand over hers to let her know its over


Oh Primus if this is hard to read I apologize in advance it’s like 2am;; xD

Obviously Rung;; BUT IMAGINE: You are a new recruit on the Lost Light, and you bump into Rung. You happen to be madly in love with said mech and this shit happens;;;;;;;;; i'mgoingtobed