A/N: To the lovely anon who requested a Kangin dad fic where he has two daughters and got selected to do the return of Superman. I hope you like it and I’m so so so sorry that this is out super duper late. All the sorrys in the world are not nearly enough on how sorry I am but I hope you like it nonetheless. If not, it’s cool and you’re more than welcome to come to my ask and demand a rewrite. Happy reading and enjoy! ^^ (I cut it short sorry. -_- Also gif is wrong they’re both girls in the story.)


"I’ll be home at 6!" You announce, getting ready to head out to go to work. You were putting on your coat when your husband quickly comes running to you and pulls you in for a quick peck on the lips. You smiled at him when he pulled you tighter against him and didn’t let go.

"Kangin. I have to go."

"No no no. You don’t have to go. I can just call in sick for you. They don’t need you there." Kangin said almost lifting you up to take you away from the door but you wouldn’t let him. You laughed then pulled away to slip on your shoes while Kangin just watched. "You look beautiful. I want you. Let’s go to the bedroom now." He added quickly taking your hand so he can drag you away but you were faster and pulled your hand away.

"No no no. I know what you’re doing."

"What am I doing?"

"You’re trying to do whatever you can to get me to stay or go to work late, but I’m not falling for any of your tricks." Kangin actually pouted in front of you then quickly shook his head as he denied that he wasn’t really doing anything and you’re delusional for thinking that.

"I really do want you. Let’s go."

"You’re going to be great!" You said loudly as Kangin was only doing all of this because he was a bit afraid of doing the reality show The Return Of Superman by himself. He always had you by his side but because the show only focused on the dad side he was nervous.

"The girls love you. I don’t know why you need me by your side when you can handle everything just fine."

"I know the girls love me and I love them, but…" Kangin grew quiet then looked around as if what he was going to say next was really secretive that no one should hear him say it out loud. "This is my first time with them alone. I’m nervous."

You smiled wide at him then leaned forward to kiss his cheek. Kangin blushed a little but took advantage of the space between the two of you by wrapping his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. “You’re going to be great. I believe in you.”

"What if everything goes wrong? What if I mess up? What if at the end of the day the girls hate me? I don’t think I can live if the girls end up hating me."

"Kangin!" You said loudly, snapping him back to reality. "I believe in you. If there really is an emergency call me OK?"

"OK." Kangin said with a nod. He was letting you go now so you gave him a smile and a kiss to his cheek.

"I’ll be home at 6." Kangin nodded and as if on cue one of your girls came running towards the two of you, still somewhat sleepy. Kangin immediately bent down to pick her up and carry her in his arms giving her a kiss on the head.

"What are you doing up?"

"You came to wish amma goodbye?" Kangin asked and she nodded. You smiled as you opened your arms up to hold her but Kangin was selfish and kept her in his arms but stepped forward so you could kiss your daughter goodbye.

"Be good to appa OK? I’ll be home soon." Your daughter nodded then looked up as she heard the door swing open. She watched you step out then she realized that you were really leaving, so she waved bye at you as you waved bye back. Kangin waved as well giving you a smile as you were right. He was going to be OK for the day.

"Appa let’s eat breakfast."

"You want to eat? You don’t want to sleep more?" Kangin asked as he carried his daughter towards the room so they could both get some sleep seeing how his daughter was up really early. She shook her head at him and pointed to the kitchen as he turned back around and headed to the kitchen. He set her down on the counter as he looked through the cabinets and the fridge to figure out what to eat.

"Appa, can I cook you breakfast?" Kangin was surprised at that but he smiled at the thought of his little girl standing on a chair and cooking.

"What do you want to make me?" He asked as he stood in front of her and started tickling her sides, she laughed as she was really ticklish but told her dad to stop so she can tell him.

"Omma made chocolate pancakes once and appa should have some too because they were really good and everything good appa must have too." Kangin grinned and he couldn’t help but leaned forward and ask for a kiss. This is why he was so in love with you and him having daughters. No matter the age, all of his girls loved him and took good care of him.

"Omma taught you how to make chocolate pancakes?" She nodded and tried to stand up on the counter so she can look for the chocolate and pancake powder but Kangin quickly stepped forward and set her down as he grabbed the ingredients himself.

"What else do you need?"

"Milk, and eggs!"

"That’s it?" He asked and she nodded as she looked for a bowl from one of the cabinets underneath the sink. Kangin smiled as she was being helpful when he heard the baby crying in the next room.

As soon as he walked in he grinned as the baby was on her feet, wide awake now and waiting for someone to take her away. He cooed at her and smiled some more as the baby lit up as she noticed that it was her dad who was rescuing her from the crib, something Kangin will never get tired of. If his girls continued to smile up at him and look at him with so much love, he would gladly run across the world for them just to get a smile at the end.

"Did my baby sleep good?" He asked spreading his arms wide, motioning that he was going to pick her up. She practically bounced in place as Kangin moved closer when he heard a crash from the kitchen. He quickly took the baby in his arms and quickly walked over only to find that his daughter dropped the pancake and chocolate powder all over herself and the floor.

"Appa!" She yelled out and started to cry as she wasn’t expecting anything to fall on the floor or on her at all. Kangin just sighed and walked over to crouch down and pull her into a hug telling her that it was OK and she wasn’t in trouble.

Kangin was hungry and a bit jealous that both his girls were eating so well while he got stuck wiping banana milkshake from the roof of the kitchen with a mop. As soon as he cleaned up the mess of the pancake and chocolate mix on the floor he got started on cooking, following his daughter’s instructions and secretly adding some of his own so the food can come out good. As soon as he plugged in the mixer though, his daughter turned it on and sent pancake mix all over the kitchen making the kitchen dirty.

She apologized 100 times as soon as Kangin turned it off and sighed as he looked around to look for a towel to wipe down everything. They had to wait for Kangin to finish cleaning to officially start cooking when once again another mess was made and Kangin had to finish cleaning to eat. Luckily he was almost done with the roof when his baby girl dropped her food on the floor and started to cry. It wasn’t even noon yet and Kangin could feel a breakdown of his own coming. This is what he was afraid of.


Kangin decided to take both girls out to the park in order to get some fresh air and let out all of their energy instead of creating messes around the house. It was also an opportunity to help his baby girl walk around as she was beginning to show signs of wanting to walk.

Kangin picked a nice shady spot under a tree and set down a blanket so his baby wouldn’t be weirded out about the grass underneath her feet. He looked towards the play area where his other daughter played in the sand. He let out a sigh of relief and smiled as he felt that he could relax now when his phone rang. It couldn’t have been you so he figured that it was the manager no doubt trying to tell him about his upcoming schedules. He ignored it and laughed as he thought his plan was bulletproof.

"If appa picks up then I have to leave you and you don’t want that do you?" He cooed at the baby while she just laughed having no idea what her dad just said to her. Kangin laughed again when his phone rang once again. He quickly shoved his phone into the diaper bag to completely ignore it as he reached for his baby and took her out of the stroller.

He sat her on his lap and watched as she tried to stand up making Kangin smile and wish for you to see the event, he then remembered that the cameras were around him so if you wanted proof that Kangin was the one who taught your baby how to walk then you were going to have to watch the show. He then grinned when the baby stood on her feet and smiled wide at him as she was proud of herself for doing it all on her own.

"Appa! I have to go potty!"

"What?! Really?!" Kangin asked a bit frantically as his little girl came running towards him. He didn’t know what to do. Usually parks had restrooms for the people to use but since the small park wasn’t really a park, there was no restroom available as it was only a play area for kids. He couldn’t think straight. He couldn’t just run back to the apartment and leave everything behind, and if he stayed to pick up the stuff, his daughter would no doubt urinate on herself.

"We’re gonna have to make a run for it." He said as he carried his baby in one arm and the other was used to pick up the blanket, the diaper bag, and stroller and hold his daughter’s hand as they ran back to their building to try to make it on time. Surprisingly Kangin was fast and made it just in time to catch the elevator that was going up. His daughter just had to hold it for 7 floors and she was good to go.

When the elevator stopped on the apartment’s floor Kangin was close to crying as she couldn’t make it at all. He wanted you home so you could help him. When he stepped out of the elevator his baby decided to cry and Kangin couldn’t get her to stop crying. Kangin was hoping that if he called you right now that you’ll take situation as an emergency and hurry back home.


It was around 5:30 when you came home with a bag of groceries. Kangin was the first to greet you as he practically crushed you against him and told you how much he loves you. You only laughed and removed your shoes finding that he was exaggerating when you step foot in the living room and noticed the mess on the floor.

"Did you invite your members over, or what?"

"This was all your daughters. I don’t know how you do it but seriously I was close to crying." Kangin said as he wrapped his arms around you and held you tight not wanting to let you go at all. You smiled as Kangin now had a taste of what it’s like for you sometimes with the girls.

"You know you’re stuck with this until you stop filming the show." You added and Kangin groaned. He quickly let go of you and stomped to the room to go make a phone call as you stood in the living room laughing to yourself. Before you could head to the kitchen to get started on cooking your little girl came running towards you as you bent down to lift her as she kissed you.

"Did you and your sister have fun with appa?" You asked setting her down on the counter along with the bag of groceries. She grinned and nodded as she had the best time and couldn’t wait for tomorrow.


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