I got tagged to do a selfie thing Thanks for tagging me spookycattt Ummm thanks 2014/2015? Uhhh I tag: juliabadoolia faustbordeaux ifyouseeastrangerfollowhim cutefreax sassafraskisses goonie-child deeamours k11booty monstermari I think I’m supposed to tag 10 people But 9 is good enough.

Oh, let this one remain
Let me take you when I go.

Of these Chains - RED


Six selfie challenge! I was tagged (like three days ago) by my love rahn-burgundeh!

I tag my bitchass anon to show their ugly mug and let me publicly criticize their appearance! :D


i was playing fnaf 3 and making silly voiceover for chica while skype-calling with hiro and she apparently recorded it and thought i should upload it so HERE YA GO

NOTE: hiro was talking/laughing while this was recorded but you can’t hear it in the video. so at the BIGGEST FAN part i wasn’t just repeating to myself ghgjg


Harry Styles needs to apologize for this