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I love this cinnamon roll so much I’ve put him on shirts and other cute things bc im a dork!!! also, you get 20% off plus free shipping (minus the pillows) on all products in my store from now until may 25th!!  

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today i watched the mirror by tarkovsky and i’m honestly still in awe. it’s a bit difficult to watch, very confusing, but it’s just beautiful. it touches you. it’s a film that brings you in, invites you to get inside the story, inside the characters’ lives. the camera moves are just so fluid and intimate, it’s almost as if it were another character, as if it were alive, being an invisible part of those people’s lives.

its so weird to think that just last year my parents got me everything i needed for my cosplay, the con PLUS extra for dealers room shit (Thank You Father For The Eighty Dollar Dio Brando Figure) and my cosplay was regular clothes and an ebay wig and this year im paying for all that stuff myself PLUS the hotel room and i made my cosplay from scratch and just. Aaahh


my mom pass on another of her old sinh and matching pha biang fabric to me since she doesn’t want to let it be unused in the closet! 😁 it will be worn for my performances since it’s for special occasions. it’s still fabric & not sewn yet, but can’t wait! 💖

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