Things you should do: Appreciate people who are not white, treat them with respect, respect diversity, fight racism, realize that non-white people may have a harder time in life and support them, treat everyone like a human being and with kindness.

Things you shouldn’t do: Put down on white people just because they’re white, JFC did we not just say to treat everyone with kindness? I didn’t think we had to redo preschool manners. You aren’t solving anything. 

Chanyeol - 141219 Instagram account update: “국제시장 시사회에 다녀온지는 몇일됐지만 그냥문득 생각이났다!! 좋은영화는 나눠야한다고 생각하기에..정말 많은생각이 들게한 영화였고 많이 울게한 영화입니다! 여러분들도 꼭 보셨으면 좋겠어요!! #국제시장 #경수옆에서봤는데 #눈물참으며보다가 #경수가휴지를주는바람에 #폭풍오열했음 #경수때문에울었다”

Translation:”It’s been a few days since I went to the “Jangsu Shop” movie preview but I just thought about it!! Since I think you must share good movies..This movie made me think a lot and made me cry a lot! I wish you all would watch this movie as well!! #Jangsu shop #I stood by Kyungsoo #Holding my tears #While Kyungsoo handed me a tissue #My tears poured out #Kyungsoo made me cry”

Credit: real__pcy.

I don’t usually make posts about the blandberries but I just saw an AU photoset filled with pictures of Barry looking at Iris, edited to make it look like he’s looking at Caitlin. 


But Westallen has no chemistry…

Barry looks at Iris like a sister though…

Yall full of shit.