It comes as a surprise to John but Sherlock loves holding John’s hand. He links their pinkies between them on the seat in taxis and squeezes John’s hand under the table at Angelo’s. But John’s favorite thing is when Sherlock laces their fingers together as they lie in bed after sex, every so often bringing John’s hand to his lips and brushing light kisses across each knuckle.


Re:␣ Hamatora rakuten kuji prize
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i just imagined mako holding a punching bag for korra but while getting heated over something they’re discussing as she works out, korra accidentally punches mako in the face instead of the bag

[[Just been doing a lot of thinking about rwby Poe and her anger. To the point I’m going to pretty much outright classify it as Intermittent Explosive Disorder. She has a habit of snapping over the smallest thing. She makes mountains out of molehills to the point where she will get violent with people or destroys things instead of taking her anger out on someone. 

It’s dangerous and she knows it. Hence the meditation. Hence the tai chi. Hence the trying everything she can to control her temper. She hates the fact she gets like this, and there is often a LOT of remorse and regret over her outbursts.

She doesnt want it to effect her schooling though, and she’s try her best to control it. Hopefully.]]

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this is a different anon, but...what will liam say to louis before louis and harry get married? let's talk about that

Liam is gonna be so fucking proud of them LISTEN he’s watched them grow together, like all the boys have, since day 1. Liam LOVES HarryandLouis I feel like he tries to take the burden off their shoulders as much as he can [“Harry has to go through a lot of different things for being Mr. Harry Styles”]. I imagine [pray and dream] Liam is going to be Louis’ best man and I can picture them, Louis and Liam, at HL’s house the day of their wedding getting their suits on [Harry was staying over at Nialls or Zayn’s because “Lou we can’t see each other before the wedding it’s bad luck”] and Liam pulls Louis aside and Louis’ been trying to hold it in all day but he knows Liam’s about to make this a ~thing and he just loses it and starts to cry and then Liam’s crying and in the end there’s nothing to say because they just know and they hug and then Louis undo’s Liams tie bc why not :(