im sorry this is so shitty idk


tbh i’ve been messing with scissors and bangs, and they’re pretty short now. some of my friends say it looks funny, but idk i love it :) this is my compromise for not getting a pixie cute huhu ps sorry for the shitty filter

also i was tagged by mannschaftmadridista and miasanmannschaft plus one other person to do the 20 beautful women tag. thank you so much lovelies :)

i’m tagging kramering manubastimarco wazzamata lewanclowski blaugrana-af basicallybayern erymax galaxygotze manuelnewer crmn0va textsfromdfb jackiewilshere caravanslost theawesomenessbomb rainmist07 lahmbrows vitaeternum lahmageddon miasanfamilie isaebel weelittlesqueakingbloggermouse scaredandhungry fips-bayern and everyone else. ya’ll are beautiful and you need to know that :)

shiplikealady Idk if your still taking prompts but….
Hogwarts phan with pureblood Sylerine dan and muggle born hufflepuff phil.

Genre: Harry Potter AU


Warnings: Swearing, bullying (slight), Angst (Slight) 

Words: 684 (ficlet) 

Pairing: Phan (Dan Howell/Phil Lester)

Comments: This is probably really shitty but its my first Harry Potter AU im so sorry 

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ame-gafuru asked:

1, 3, 14, 15 :3

1- Take a picture of your workspace.

SO SMALL AND MESSY LMAO idk how i can actually get shit done here….

3- Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

WHAT IS CONTEXT OH MY GOD (it was a joke for today’s native language day)

14- Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

ive literally just came out of the shower whoops

15- Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

i always make the same faces and expressions that the characters im drawing have… also when im drawing traditional art and i fuck up my first instinct is to press ctrl + Z but then. i realize. and cry

anonymous asked:

Idk I need to rant about how shitty this day is. My gf and I (im trans) got in trouble at school for being in a relationship, the school called her parents and now apparently if we don't break up we get expelled so we have to act like we're broken up

That school sounds awful. I’m really sorry man. I got in trouble in school too for a relationship I was in. Got written up. Ended up being the favorite student of the teacher who wrote me up a year later. Stay positive. People will surprise you when you let them.

anonymous asked:

Bo burnham makes me so sad.. like ugh I love him so much but I hate loving him bc i know I would never have a shot with him.. idk if what I'm saying is making sense I hope it is

Maybe try to keep focusing on how toxic and unrealistic it usually is to imagine yourself with someone who is famous. Try to remember that you don’t actually know him or how he acts in real life because that can make a big difference. Appreciate his work while continuing to separate yourself in that way. ♡

looking 4 new blogs

hey i have /not/ been feelin my dash these past months so im going on an unfollow spree and looking for new reccs

no particular order:

danganronpa,  tokyo ghoul,  kagepro,  magi,

homestuck? avas demon? shitty memes?

see if we have a high myanimelist match!! (mangalist  animelist)

~~~07th expansion!!~~~~~

idk cute aesthetic things, if ur blog looks like bun0 or kentari‘s then ill probably love it

if u could like this or reblog w/ a recommendation??? i’ll check out ur blog friend that’d be cool 

giadevito asked:

all of 'em :* (don't know if I sent this already...? I'm half asleep)

  • Send me ☺ for a loving/affectionate text

Text || idk frankie but i think you’re the only person around here who knows what it’s like to fuck w/o feelings and do it continuously. you get me on that level which i think why it’s so fun to get under each others skin and talk about sex like it’s the most casual thing ever cuz it is. we’re both really fucking hot and we know how to work it to get exactly what we want. it’s just rally nice relating to someone who just knows.

Send me ♥ for a sexual/naughty text

Text || tell me, what would you do if i tied you up and got between those nice legs of yours? i think i’d kiss between your lips and let my fingers do the talking for once

  • Send me  ♣ for a drunk text

Text || i M goingg to wIN this ggame bababty im going to wIn ndd make you scream show u whOS in charge now honeyyyyy ;;-)

  • Send me !! for a threatening text

Text || post my nudes online & i’ll send T screencaps of all our texts & what ur really intooooo :-)

  • Send me ☼ for a morning text

Text || good morning, sleeping beauty. last night was fucking wild and i would love to do it again!

  • Send me ?? for a strange/vague text

Text || just do it, fuck what anyone else thinks.

  • Send me ► for a text not meant for you

Text || i’m working on it but i think she likes teasing me more than anything?? i can’t tell if she’s all talk or if i am (i’m not) but we still haven’t slept together yet soooo

  • Send me ↕ for a scared/worried text

Text || i know i’m just pulling this shit out of no where but i’m kind of freaking out right now and if you’re not doing anything, would you maybe meet up with me ???

//Ah whi plssss I do starters and replies later, because im in my cousin’s house and the computer is really shitty it barely writes one letter but the internet is good wtf?idk what happens to me today but i suffered 10 mins with this ooc or more

Dad takes the lappy with himself and comes to cousin’s house and he gives it to me so i can do anything. sooooorrryyyyy

anonymous asked:

I'm really stressed out & my depression is getting worse (coming back? idk) now that I'm in school again and all I wanna do is sleep and nobody will hire me bc I go to school such bullshit hours and idk what to do anymore. oh and to top it all off my dad just had to pay for my car to be fixed. $500. how the hell am I supposed to pay him back

that sucks im so sorry :( keep looking for a job, maybe u will find one that will take u even with ur shitty hours! that way u will repay your dad, he must understand that u can’t rly pay him back right now since u don’t have a job :/

//talk to me!