Showtime’s Last Episode Extended Preview… ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Holy fudgesticks!! HOLY FUDGESTICKS?? OKAY NOW IM ON 870 WHICH IS INSANE??????? I am soo sooo sooooo grateful to all of you lovely people for being so wonderful and talented and awesome like?? I’m just internally screaming right now. Thank you to everyone who has given me a chance and interacted with me honestly I never expected to make so many friends and find somewhere where I’d actually fit in.                           I’m honoured to write with every single one of you.
                                       Onto the follow forever :D

The Baes -  you’re my baes I don’t know if it’s unrequited but I’m so glad to                         have interacted/talked/fangirled I consider you my friend, thanks for being
                         awesome, I love you lots.

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The cool crew - Wow you’re really cool , I love interacting with you and 
                           basically we’ve threaded or something or I just adore
                             seeing you on my dash!

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Okay so I wanna make a post about some people I’ve been roleplaying with as of late:

You guys, are amazing, and you portray your characters so wonderfully, and I absolutely love roleplaying with each and every one of you. You bring so much dimension to the characters you play, making them much more than what their canon portrayals are. 

It makes the roleplay more interesting, makes it so that there is unexpected and exciting moments. You guys break the mold, and that is perfectly okay. It makes it so much more fun. 

I just want to say thank you so much. Thank you for building relationships with my character, and the characters of others. It means so much.

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