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How KPOP fans can help UKISS win SBS' "THE SHOW"

Even if you’re not a UKISS fan you easily help UKISS win this upcoming episode of SBS “THE SHOW.” Last week UKISS were very close to winning (they came in 2nd place)

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Log into your twitter and tweet as many messages as you can in this format: “@SBS_MTV text here #더쇼 text here #유키스” or anything similar as long as the hashtags are present and @SBS_MTV is mentioned.
  • Watch UKISS’ music video on Tudou loop here (click the little circle button on the bottom of the video to loop it.):
  • Watch UKISS’ Playground MV on youtube 
  • Buy UKISS’ songs on SORIBADA (It’s better to buy from Korean soribada but I do believe that English Soribada counts as well.)
  • If you can buy/stream off other sites like Melon that would be great but I think it’s harder for international fans to do this.
  • Buy UKISS’ Always album off any website that counts on Hanteo (it will say somewhere on the site that they count on hanteo) 
  • Spread information on how to help UKISS on “THE SHOW” so others know how to help

Most of the above will also determine whether UKISS will be in the top 5 again this week so they can be included for live voting during the show. 

If you can even do one of the above that would be a big help =)


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