im kiss

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ever since you've decided to recover your skin looks lovely. your eyes have a light in them once again. your hair looks like it flows from your scalp. when you talk about things you love you seem to have more passion than you once did. you are still a gentle flower who is growing. you may get stepped on but even then you will grow back up like you were meant to. have a lovely day. let the sun shine on your back and kiss someone. im happy youre alive.

aw thanks lovebug

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hi 18 y/o girl I'm 5'6 and I've got deep brown eyes and mint green curly hair i 💙 2 listen to spooky black when I'm stoned and take walks at sunset I LOVE adrenaline. 1 time these boys I know came by my house in a huge truck they stole and asked if I wanted to go off roading so I got in and ended up running from the cops at 2am it was the time of my life 4 a date I would probably take you out to some deep tunnels at night or a grave yard and we would have a picnic there and get stoned and kiss

im so turned on right now

  • Me:Goddamnit John just kiss him already.
  • Bro:Who? Sherlock?
  • Me:*sigh* Yeah, those idiots need to get together.
  • Bro:But John says he's not gay.
  • Me:That doesn't me he's not bi.
  • Bro:So he likes girls AND boys?
  • Me:Maybe. Is that alright with you?
  • Bro:*mumbles*
  • Me:What?
  • Bro:I like girls and boys.
  • Me:Nice, you know I like girls so now the kids in the family are all super duper queer. I love it.
  • Us:*Watch more Sherlock in comfortable queer silence*
  • Bro:You're right, John really does just need to kiss him.