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On Mulan and Cross-Ethnic Casting

First, a few general things:

  • I don’t know if cross-ethnic is the correct term for casting a person of one ethnicity as another— please correct me if I’m wrong. 
  • While my ethnicity is Han Chinese, my thoughts and opinions are by no means representative of all Chinese. I do not mean to talk over or silence differing opinions from other Chinese people, and I apologise in advance if I come off that way. 
  • I have used “China/Chinese” rather than going into the specific countries that the land (that we now know as an united China) was broken into at the time. 
  • I am quite obviously in the “Cast Someone Chinese for Mulan” camp. 
  • This post was made to allow myself to more coherently gather my own thoughts and rebuttals to arguments I’ve seen around. 

Differing Views Within Chinese Community

From what I’ve read, there seems to be three common views, all equally valid:

  1. Chinese characters should always be played by Chinese actors/actresses. No exceptions.
  2. It doesn’t matter— I’m just happy to see more Asian representation and/or Asian actors/actresses shouldn’t be boxed into the sorts of roles like that.
  3. It depends on context, and/or the sort of story being told.

While I do not wish to see Asian actors/actresses being boxed into roles of characters matching their ethnicity, I do not think that we’re at the point where we can do that 100% of the time without it being harmful. As one of the thisisnotchina​ mods pointed out, “Asians are not deracialised the way white European Americans are. An Englishman can be cast for a major role in Les Miserables without people forgetting about the Frenchness of the story, the history, Victor Hugo, etc. (nor the Englishness of the actor!) To cross-culturally cast someone for a distinctly Chinese story (compared with Fresh Off the Boat which I believe resonates and is meant to resonate with many Asian Americans, not just Taiwanese Americans) really plays into the conflation of Asian ethnicities and cultures that already exists in North America.” 

For that reason, I’m part of the third group. There is a huge difference between FOTB and Mulan in terms of the story being told and the themes in it, so I don’t think they should be compared. I see FOTB as a portrayal of the Asian American experience, told through an Asian American family who just happened to be Taiwanese, which is why I don’t really mind Randall Park playing the part of a Taiwanese immigrant. 

Why (at Least) the Main Cast Should be Chinese

Building on what I said before on context and the sort of story Mulan is telling, it would be historically correct and culturally sensitive to cast Chinese people as Chinese characters. 

  • Mulan is an important and distinct part of Chinese folklore that originated over a thousand years ago. To which Chinese ethnic group she belonged is unclear (to my knowledge), but she was Chinese. 
  • Some Chinese people don’t want to be represented what will probably be a hugely successful movie by someone who isn’t Chinese. 
  • At current time, as already mentioned above, casting a non-Chinese into a distinctly Chinese role, may be harmful. I know that Hollywood thinks that it’s okay to cast cross-ethnically, but it could just add to the “all Asians are interchangeable/the same” stereotype. Until that stereotype dies, I don’t think it’s a good idea to cast cross-ethnically. 
  • International relations and historical conflict. To use Japan as an example, I (and some other Chinese people I’ve talked to) would be very uncomfortable if a Japanese person was cast as a Chinese character simply because Japan tried to invade China not that long ago in the past and still deny what they’ve done to this day. It’s kinda just insensitive to cast a non-Chinese Asian in a distinctly Chinese story where the main characters are defending China. 

On White-Washing and Half-Asian/Half-White Casting

Whitewashing is obviously wrong, I think we all know that. Regarding casting half-Chinese actors/actresses, I am against it. Three main points:

  1. A part-Chinese person can identify as Chinese, and in addition, I think that part-Chinese people should be welcome to weigh in on issues within the Chinese community if they identify as Chinese.  
  2. However, I do not believe a part-Chinese actress will be cast as Mulan (or any other Chinese character) with “well, they identify as Chinese so it’s okay” in mind. I believe that if a part-Chinese person is cast, it will be because they are part-White and/or (conditionally) white-passing. It’s an easy way out for people who don’t want to cast PoC because they think Western (white) audiences won’t want to see films with PoC leads, but want to avoid accusations of racism if they whitewash. 
  3. It’s not historically accurate. Mulan wasn’t half-Chinese and half-white, and I doubt anyone was in that time/place. Casting someone half-Chinese would be needlessly inaccurate. 

“Where is the outrage for this white ethnic group being cast as this white ethnic group?” 

I don’t know. Why are you asking me? Why are you asking PoC bloggers this, as if they’re hypocritical or hold a double standard for not bringing this up or it’s somehow their fault? 

I (and many other PoC bloggers, I imagine) try my best to stay in our lane, to voice our opinions only when it is our place to do so. Just as it is not my place to tell a Japanese person to be offended (or not to be offended) at the casting for Memoirs of a Geisha, it is also not my place to tell a French person that they’re wrong when they say that they’re okay with Hugh Jackman being in Les Mis, or tell a Russian person that they should be offended that ScarJo has been casted as the Black Widow.

If (white) people feel the same concern over cross-ethnic casting, then they should be raising concerns, they should be the ones making posts and calling people out. If this is really such a big deal, then make yourselves heard. If it’s not, that’s okay but don’t you dare use it as an way to try shut down people who do care.

Regarding Opinions from Non-Chinese

Whatever your opinion is, do not speak over Chinese people. If you agree with something that a Chinese person has said, cool, go reblog it. If you disagree with something that a Chinese person is said, keep your mouth shut and scroll down.

A non-Chinese person has no right to dictate to a Chinese person what they should or should not settle for or accept. They have no right to tell a Chinese person “it’ll be good enough if everyone’s Asian” or “you shouldn’t settle for less, everyone should be Chinese.”

my friends never die

ot7/jeongguk-centric, jimin/taehyung, jeongguk/jimin, hoseok/seokjin, jeongguk/hoseok, other assorted pairings, 10,200 words
warnings; apocalyptic au. major character death, brutal murder, suicide, gore, body horror, awful end of world smut, really fucked up
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Jeongguk was a prophet- not the haggard, robed kind of religious texts and fantasy worlds, but the kind that belonged to the modern age; the weary kind, with messy, neglected hair and dark undereye circles from staying awake for days on end, symbols and imagery swirling around his mind like a brewing storm cloud, and he knew he was about to erupt.

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Hi guys, I have something to tell you. I’m going to delete all my jonnor related posts and change my blogs name.

Don’t worry, I’m going to explain.
One, I resently started to waych this finnish show and I just live Iina and Janne! I’m sorry but they are a cuter couple than Jonnor.

Two, I saw this video where this man told how he saw Jonnor and I just got it. Jude hasn’t shown any interest in boys before and neither has Connor. They both have had girl crushes and it’s so wierd how suddently they just like each other. They are being pushed into this relationship and I cant support that. It’s not like Connor has ever said that he is gay!

Three, The Fosters is just so confusing. The storylines dont make any sense and I cant stand Jonnor anymore. They are being so sexualised you perverts!

And last but not least, Happy April Fools!! I know this was kinda lame and no one prob believed me but I had to! And about the Jonnor comments, everything I said is just the stuff Jonnor haters repeat. I don’t think that way nor do I hate the Fosters.

tarntino so before you go would you like to explain why you’ve been disgusting and racist while pretending to “support” poc? or reblogging posts about separating art from the artists and then changing your mind and telling everyone how much you hate woody allen? or reblogging untagged rape scenes from films and then getting defensive when people have called you out on it? or “calling out” directors for doing the exact same shit your boss is doing?

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"they need to let it go"? ok, well thats never going to happen and im never gonna like that guy. especially after he used autistic as an insult. i cant let that go. baekhyun just seems like a real dick, he never knows when to shut it, and hes so offensive 99% of the time.

but the autistic thing was a mistranslation tho??!?!

i’ve seen a lot of people confirm that it was a mistranslation tho so, i would never believe post claiming things of exo members when the person probably viewed an eng subbed video, like do you know alot of subbers dnt get everything right word per word?!?! there are words when u translate it to eng may seem offending but in a native language its not, i as a person who speaks a language other than english will testify to that

pls also refer to this post

clarifying the baek scandal who is LEGIT NATIVE KOREAN SPEAKER


im good at reading people alot tbh and what i see from baek is not a dick, he is trying to be the playful one of the group bec a group needs diversity in character, he may be playful in real life but he is exaggerating it probably when he is on shows just to be the funny one

but if you observe more closely i mean really closely behind scenes of what baek does he is far from the “real dick” that you describe

also refer to first account of this post

if he was a real dick, i dnt think he would waste his time on a stray cat and spend a lot of money just to help him tbh

nex time how about you give ample time to see what baekhyun does at the back of the group, you can see he actually helps around and comforts members when no ones looking

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what exactly are the coloring pages? are u going to print them or just post them?

im going to post them and you guys can print them out and color them however you like!!

ooc. ok so I cut my asks from 155 to 12. phew. Thank god for that. I’m gonna go ahead and mark this as a STARTER CALL because I wanna get back into the swing of R. Be warned that I am trying to get longer posts to be a thing again, so I am going to try and make most of these starters of medium or long length. If you don’t intend to reply to them, please consider liking this. I put a lot of time and effort into writing posts like that, and when they go unanswered it really sucks.

literally just saw a post that said “im terrified to go to pride with my boyfriend cause people will judge me” …well i have news for u, there are people in same-sex relationships who can’t go anywhere without strange looks and/or fear of getting harassed/attacked/assaulted

so, sorry u don’t feel “”comfortable”” going to pride, but there’s always like..literally anywhere else you can go

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My separated parents didn’t expect it, but it was a huuuge relief to tell them. They obvi only think I’m going through a phase eh. Now ive got weird residual stress feelings about them knowing, which sucks? I’m an anxious fuck. Hey fellow Sarasota bro.

yeah, if i cant get a job here so i can stay over to summer i might just. go through with it. at this point im p confident that they wont cut off financial support so. i guess all i rly have to lose is my relationship w my mom, but that shits already on such unsteady ground rn like what would i rly be sacrificing

but no i hear u abt the residual stress thing. my dad knows im not straight and fuckign. flipped abt that for like months. and eyyy shit. do u go to ringling or r u just chilin in the area. im here for RCAD but i dont actually live down here

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[whispers] the winter soldier 


Sammy’s smile appreciation - requested by ibelieveinsammy