im hot as hell I know


i think i make a pretty hot lady glader just saying (though maybe one who does not get along with the others well)

  • adwd theon:loving this 24/7 identity crisis. yea i know about the smell don't worry man the filth BECOMES me. god, i used to be so hot, what happened to that. hey, jeyne! Welcome to hell! im having a conversation with a tree. the entirety of the north hates my ass but somehow everyone is confiding in me. no, please, villainous senior citizen, continue to tell me about your sex life! i am so tired
young joseph stalin was very hot and this is undeniable truth im sorry but it's a fact i know he is a despicable man but he looked like zayn when he was young and if you deny this you're a liar and going to hell with him

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petition for you to have a more positive tag instead of "why do i say things" various new and improved positive tags include: "hot damn i'm brilliant" "i speak and you listen bc im that great" "why do i say things? i say things bc im brilliant as hell" "my words are beautiful -thank you, i know"

thats…really nice, thank you. i should change it shouldn’t i? its my blog where i should put my feelings in, so you’re very right anon. im gonna change it, thank you!

and this goes out to you guys who have negative personal tags. its your blog! your words are important! your followers do listen and love to read how your day is going and stuff, so you don’t have to tag “shut up” or things like that for yourself, yeah?

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see im used to the heat cause florida cons LMAO. but i agree i was white for kanaya last year and it was a NIGHTMARE, white is the woooorst

Louisville(and Australia)! Can get pretty dang hot but I swear to god Otakon is like eight rings of hell and I don’t know why. Almost every year I look at Otakon like, “I wanna go… but it’s gonna be HOTTTT….” I will take freezing my ass off at Katsucon over baking at Otakon any day.

I think the thing with grey v. white is that grey is a bit more forgiving, and it’s a more neutral tone, so if your skin shows through a little, it just kinda adds dimension and depth. White it just looks streaky as fuck.

True story, for Fefetasprite at Katsucon this year, it took THREE TRIES to get the white right. At some point some of my white paint got in my contact and I had to bail, and then finally yaexrae came to the rescue with her Ben Nye Clown White and saved the day. No streaks! It’s oil based so it meant it was trickier to seal, but it went on so smoooth, no cracks, so gooooood.

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I don’t know them enough | wtf | why | just NO | tolerable | they’re okay | cute | awww | babies | hot | I will go down with this ship | OTP | lay me down to die i love them together forever and ever | 10/10 will ship them in hell

Are you kidding me omfg I am so into this ship you have no idea.
And this ship happened just like I like all my ships, through rping. Originally I didn’t shipped either Lars or Zafina with anyone (not even Alisa..I am so not into that at all), I just liked them on their own, but then rping with Larsy happened 


I see so many similarities between them -both protecting each other and not letting people get too close, their sense of duty, etc- and then the little bits of friendship they started developing and now it’s on that ‘hey i really like you i will protect you from anything please stay close to me i like having you near me life would be so empty if you leave’ stage with the little touches and the smirks and the 2am text messages I

ugh I so love them together

Honestly I never expected to get into a ship with this blog and now Zaffi/Lars is everything haha

So I recieved a phone call from an unknown number and i answered it because it was my area code. This is how it went…

Me: Hello?

Boy: Hello?

Me: Who is this?

Boy: oh well my friend showed me some of your pictures and I think your really hot

Me: Oh thank you

Boy: So do you have a kik that we can talk on?

Me: Don’t take this the wrong way, but im not interested

Boy: Do you know that you future boyfriend is talking to you?

Me: Ummmmm…

Boy: Just make a kik

Me: look im not interested and stop being such a fuckboy

I hang up and “Heat of the moment” starts playing


izzy looks hot as hell and i like how i look in it as well (i am the one further back for those who dont know) and yeAH IM REALLY HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT