im even more in love with him

do you ever read a fic and it fucks you up so bad that like you feel it in every inch of your body and it really like is crazy because its just words on a screen but it has this ability to shred apart your emotions whether you like it or not and it could be like two years later but your remember said fic and eel the emotions all over again

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Top 5 miyusawa moments..

this is hard bc i havent read the manga (even tho im aware of whats going on) so im probably missing some good stuff haha but

1) their first meeting. i mean terajima-sensei himself said it was meant to be similar to a shoujo mc meeting the love interest lmfao. and we get our first peek at the battery theyll become

2) the whole yips arc tbh. miyuki touching eijuns back, asking chris to help him and being kinda jealous when HE isnt the one to help, etc. miyuki caring about him from the shadows ;A;

3) when eijun finally manages to pitch to the inside again. miyukis face in that panel is soooooo proud and eijuns face is adorable like ahhhh just lemme float on this cloud. likewise, when eijun refuses miyukis sign in a game bc he wants to pitch to the inside and miyukis just like oh fuck yes haha

4) p much every time they get aggressive as a battery bc its like theyre connected. theyre just on the same level and its hhhhh so lovely to watch

5) not a moment but the fact that eijun wants miyukis respect and approval so badly, he doesnt even realize hes already been acknowledged by him since the beginning. theyve noticed each other from the start ;A;

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Seeing idols feel the need to cover their faces whenever they are barefaced makes me sad. Did someone say something to them? Did anyone say they didn't look good without it? Who said such lies? I wanna fight them

this is exactly how i feel

especially with namjoon, he looks so gorgeous without makeup, like i think im even more attracted to him barefaced but there he is covering his face and its heartbreaking 



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↳ specially for kintokie​, Happy 3 months belated Birthday Qistina! ♥

i’m crying because i’ve watched the handshake at least five times and this is actually not a handshake, john shakes sherlock’s hand once then for almost two seconds they’re just holding each other’s hand before sherlock shakes john’s hand one last time, then lets it go in a lingering touch.

they’re holding hands for one entire second. this is for me the briefest and most romantic touch they ever shared.


d o  y o u  r e a l l y   w a n t   t o   b e   n o r m a l?

"…for the monster’s not in my face, but in my soul. i once thought that, if i was like other men i would be happy. and loved. but the malignance has grown, you see. from the outside in. and it’s shattered what it merely reflects; the a b o m i n a t i o n  that is m y  h e a r t. oh my creator, why did you not make me of steel, or stone? why did you allow me  t o   f e e l ?


Luhan holding Sehun very very close (¬‿¬) 


Those twinkling vixens with the shining spiral eyes;

their hypnosis goes unnoticed when she’s walking by.


Someone got a bit too cocky huh, in a creepily awesome way :D


Oh Sehun. Wow, here we are again. Another year has passed but to me it feels like just yesterday that I was seeing you, the awkward young boy with his cute mushroom hair cut debuting on the big stage.

And again, there’s so much I want to tell and thank you for. I would like to write everything, word for word yet I can’t find the right words. It really is incredible how much cuteness and charisma can fit into one person!!! Honestly, I still can’t explain why but your most subtle smile makes me smile that even on my worst days you always manage to brighten my mood. So many people love to see your smile!
Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of this world. I know this sounds super cliche but you make me proud to call myself a fan of yours because watching you perform always is an exciting thrill to me, you take my breathe away with every move you make. Your dancing is incredibly beautiful, strong and on point. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s my favorite. To some you may just be a pretty face, but to us fans you’re the most amazing boy!
Now just hold on and look around for a second, take in all you have accomplished so far. You chased your dreams with hard work, determination and dedication- and you caught them at such a young age. Aren’t you incredible? I think you are! Not only have you achieved so much for a 21 year old boy but also you never stopped improving yourself to become an even better performer, everyday. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are now and I’m happy to know that there’s much more to come! To walk this path, countless sacrifices have been rendered: friends, family, personal free time, sleep, basically everything an ordinary person of your age needs. You’ve devoted your life to train and to compete, to get to this moment right here, to become the performer you’ve dreamed of becoming.
And therefor, I want to thank you. You’re the reason for me to move along life with a smile on my face, you inspire me to never stop pushing myself to become a better me than I was yesterday, to never stop giving up on my dreams and goals. Thank you for changing my life, you made it easier. Along your way, you’ve found some peers who understand your life; you play together well and work hard in a team which deepened the bond so that eventually, your peers became you friends and family. I know you genuinely care for all your members to the point where conflicts and tensions among the group affect you deeply. When I saw you crying, I felt awful. On the other hand, it truly made me appreciate and respect you as a person all the more because your sudden surge of emotion made me realize how big your heart is.
However, out of everything, you know who you are and always stayed true to yourself even though it may be a lot more difficult than we suppose when you’re the focus of thousands of cameras and spotlights. I admire you for that and I hope you don’t ever change because it is because of your sincere and lovable personality, that you’ve gained my heart.
I think I adore you more everyday and sometimes it’s really hard being a fan of yours because you’re really heckin cute- but if it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t be here feeling so much better and happier about life and If it wasn’t because of you I wouldn’t know how love at first sight was supposed to be like:’-) (ew)
I want you to know that you have thousands, probably millions of fans out there in the world that will always stand behind you and support you in everything you do. Hopefully you’ll continue being here to inspire me and many others for a lot longer so I can keep writing these notes for you. But for now, I want to wish happy birthday to the cutest boy that ever walked our planet! Today is only about you.
appy 21st irthday, my crusty little peanut! You deserve the world to embrace you with a handful of love, happiness and fulfilment<3

adam milligan was in 3 episodes (only one of which was actually adam himself) but he has hundreds of people stanning and defending him, with petitions for him to come back to the show because he’s been in hell for hundreds of years

meanwhile bela has been in hell for even longer than he has, was in more episodes, had more character development, had more of a personality, and nobody gives a shit, in fact there were people cheering for her death