i was trying to flip my friend off earlier but i was holding stuff and was talkin to another friend so i gave them the pointer finger….

as much as i want to die i refuse to cut deep enough, i refuse to take more than 5 pills. But i have no problem thinking about walking in to traffic without looking or second guessing. Or if someone held a gun to my head i would beg them to pull the trigger.
—  I can’t do it myself

get a pen and get a piece of paper. 

draw 126 smiley faces. Count them out loud as you go. 

it is easy to say “126 children were killed” without really understanding just how large that number is. I thought I would be okay, I only wanted a better understanding of how many died today.

I by one my stomach felt sick. By twenty my hands were shaking. At fifty, my vision was blurred and my face was wet. By 70 I had to pause and breath. At 90 I had to stop and weep because 90 young lives is too much, is too horrible, is too absolutely heartbreaking. But I still had 36 to go. 

I am a mess right now. 126 smiling little faces, just like I used to draw them when I was a small child. Hell, just like I used to draw them when I was sixteen and passing doodles to my friends in school. Did they draw their people like this? Were they smiling that morning, before the men came?

Draw them, count them. Understand what monstrosity, what absolute horror, has been committed. 

May Allah rest their souls