okaishi replied to your post “@ anon thanks for confirming my shit taste but i already know it’s the…”

Fate is pretty much my favourite route as well, but you’ll always have people saying your taste is shit because the general opinion is that it’s the worst route.

Yeah, it’s a tired subject but I guess it still matters to some people lmfao. Like it is the weakest route but it’s that way for a reason. I know exactly why it’s the weakest route, but that doesn’t even bother me in the slightest.

Although, I feel like some people who do hold the general opinion are simply following the crowd. Just saying it because it is the general opinion, and not actually knowing why.

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anon opinion: you're honestly one of the sweetest people i know. we've had one or two disagreements but you're still someone i consider really close to me and you mean a lot to me because of how much you've been there for me. i appreciate everything about you and you're so kind and dorky and wow im just. really glad you exist.


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Hey Taylor! I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you!! I've seen you come so far in your art, writing and life in general and i wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me. Every time I see some of your art it makes me want to work on improving mine. You're so enthusiastic about everything and I guess it just?? makes me happy??? idk this probably sounds weird i'm soRRY I JUST REALLY LOOK UP TO YOU AS A PERSON THANK YOU FOR? EXISTING I GUESS????

I FEEL SO BLESSED THAT I CAN POSITIVELY AFFECT PEOPLE??? i feel like i’m still trying to figure out my messy life but to know that someone out there thinks i’m doing alright enough to send me a message like this and be sincere about it makes me feel like i can do anything and i am so?! hAPPY? THANK YOU SO MUCH?! IM GLAD YOU EXIST TOO, ANON. I HOPE LIFE TREATS YOU SO WELL YOU ARE SO SWEET THANK YOU THANK YOU <3