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do u think its possible to get an automail penis



                        “How the fuck am I supposed to know? Ask Winry.”

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Oh stop posting all that Muslim stuff you know very well you're just exaggerating everything and looking for attention and nobody is really actually racist to you

Are you being serious right now??
Let me share a story then, okay?
This is called “How I found out I was Muslim”
Okay as background, English is not my first language, but I’ve lived in America before 9/11. So a lot of my friends were doing this random Christian stuff and this random Jewish stuff so I was like “What are you doing?” And they were like “I’m Jewish? Are you Jewish or Christian?” And I was like “I don’t know!”
So I went home and I asked my mom “Are we Jewish or Christian?” And she laughed and told me “Neither, we’re Muslim.”
From what I had been hearing that meant we were terrorists. Then I went to school and my friends asked me and I started to cry and I told them “I’m a terrorist.” And at first my teachers were like WTF but then they understood and they explained it to me and obviously I understand better now but TBH I know exactly why I believed that and it’s not some drastic racist hater story, I know, but I live in the second most diverse city in the country, so I would like to assume that here people are the LEAST racist so I feel very bad for anyone who’s actually living through racism in, most likely, mostly white communities