Click and Drag C: here ya go my dear followers ;^; i cannot believe i managed to get 2 THOUSAND followers in the past five months. like that’s unbelievable. AND to thank you, here’s the long waited surprise i’ve been mentioning ILYSM AND I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH


So guys, as you can tell by the amazing edit made by me, this is 

K8lyn a.k.a $$swagmoney$$ a.k.a michaelcliffrod’s 1.6k follow forever!!

(also my first follow forever but B) )

Anyway, so guys this is basically just people that i always see on my dash that really make my day all the time and I’d just like to thank you guys for always brightening up my dash. And even though I’ve never spoken to most of you, y’all are super rad and should keep doin what ya doin.

So this is gonna be in alphabetical order and yh. B)

(bolded are my favorites (: )

 # - D 

#- ♡ 420hood, 5xox​ ♡

A- ♡ adoreboys, alexgaeskarth, ashtonirwns, awharrys​ ♡

B- ♡ badgenetics, bangjensen, bangstilinski, bangtomlinson, bcyonce, bestsnogever, bewbies, blowsniall, bradick​ ♡

C- ♡ calumhoodh, canhenot, croptopboy, cumonlou, cutesteen​ ♡

D- ♡ damncal, damnlucas, disconncted, dislikeyous, disnepixar, divergynt, dondaster​ ♡

 F - H 

F- ♡ fathaz, fcukzayn, fiivessos, fknmichael, flaminglou, fletcherirwn, fooknarry, frickshealy, frickshoran ♡

G- ♡ gimmedacliffaconda ♡

H- ♡ harryedward, harryshardnipples, hazah, hazduh, hazehgrace, hazzainfinity, hazzstop, heartzmalik, hellashemmo, hellatolerant, hemmingsfck, hemmoanings, hemmosbutt, henleyhoran, hoenarry, hoodclifford, hoodscalum, horanuds, hrrys, humptheharreh​ ♡

 I - L 

I- ♡ idkwhats, indiemalik​ ♡

J- ♡ jadelust, jadesie, joshuapecks, justencaylen​ ♡

K- ♡ kiwihemmo 

L- ♡ lawhley, legallylou, liamslover, liltlemix, limpnude, literallyrad, louegh, louis-vuitomlinson, louiswillam​ ♡

 M - O 

M- ♡ metephor, michelclitfford ♡

N- ♡ nashfuckmyassgrier, needspizza, niallbros, niallfab, niallsdicks, nibblingniam, nipsicle, nobritish​ ♡

O- ♡ offbeyonce, ofpewds, ofthots, onzayn, orgaziam, originarry​ ♡

 P - S 

P- ♡ panecatthedisco, perriesalute, perrieslut, perrievato, pinkrihanna, pizzuhut, pumpingharreh, punkhorans​ ♡

R- ♡ rapunzils, raysban, realniallhoren, recklesszouis, rogueloueh​ ♡

S- ♡ sleepingwthsirens, stonerlucas, stopirwin​ ♡

 T - Z 

T- ♡ teenagekiks, teenagevevo, teenswolf, thighkink, twerkin-irwin, tyrannocyrus​ ♡

U- ♡ uglyfriendvevo, unf-hemmo​ ♡

V- ♡ voldermorts ♡

W- ♡ weazlys ♡

Z- ♡ zainimalik, zayndoll​ ♡

ok so yeah guys basically i love all of y’all a lot and just keep being B). byeeeee.


these are my best friends and they write music that makes you sad.

show them love.


Even if this is the final goodbye for Brittana and even if they’re never canon again, at least RIB had the decency to give us and the girls closure. I’ve met some amazing people in this fandom. I can honestly say it’s the best fandom I’ve ever been a part of. We’re funny and talented and we’re there for each other. So even if Brittana never get back together, I’m glad I got into this fandom. Even though the writer’s treat our girls like crap and even though we have so many reasons to jump ship. We still have fanfics and fanart, and we’ve still got each other to complain to.

We’re fucked up, for better or for worse.

So, I love you guys.