April 24th, 2015

Well, here is my day.

Today I turned 15. It was definitely one of the best days ever. Here was my day from when I woke up, until now.

I accidently woke up at 4 am. It was storming outside and I love listening to the rain so I woke up. I checked my phone for the time, and saw I had a few tumblr notifactions. So I scrolled through them on my lock screen like I always do. Then my heart stopped. I reread it over and over again, making sure it was real, and then died. Right there. Taylor Swift had followed me the night before at 10:51. Guys you don’t understand. I was in shock. I couldn’t talk and to be honest, it hasn’t compeltely hit me yet.

So I was crying when I told my mom and dad because they know how much I love Taylor…. they know that her music was always there for me when I needed a friend and didn’t have one. I didn’t have anyone, I had Taylor. I was never truly alone, I know that now.

So I went to school and everyone was really nice to me for once and caring and really cool. My best friends were constantly hanging out with me. You know the guy I have been telling you about (if you don’t know, the guy that I like told me 3 weeks ago he likes me too but hasn’t been talking to me, only to this other girl constantly.)…  well he didn’t talk to me. Oh well!

I came home from school with my best friends and got ready for the dance with them. It was 40′s and 50′s and I felt really badass and awesome. So we danced a lot and freaked out a lot and talked about so many things. and then my parents gave me a polaroid camera and rip me.

We went to the dance and I was kind of hoping that the guy would ask me to dance and everything would be cool. I was sooo wrong. He didn’t. My friend said he was checking me out but there is no way he was. Anyways, it really got to me because I felt really, really unwanted. So I was telling my friend Chandler why I was so upset and then she told me…

He had told 3 other girls that within the past week. I was so devasted/pissed off. I don’t know what one I was more. I wanted to hit him but at the same time cry in a corner.

So I gave him this glare, and looked him dead in the eye, and mouthed “fuck you.” I don’t know if he got the message, but I’m praying he did.

After the dance I felt awful so my friends took me to Wendy’s.  I was on my phone the whole time talking to Skye because she made me have an emotional breakdown in Wendys because of Taylor following me (skye if you see this it still hasnt hit me lol I was attempting to contain myself haha).

But I was sitting there with my best friends that I’ve known forever, a guy that treats me really well (a different one that I have no interst in and he feels the same, we are friends) and my favorite people on an awesome day and I just thought. “You are the only one who gets to chose how you feel. You have to let go.” So I did. I turned around and started socializing and I was so happy.

I’m at home now typing this thinking of how wonderful this was today. How much I love my friends at my school, how much I love my friends on tumblr, and how much I love Taylor. For once in my life, I didn’t feel lonely at the end of my birthday. I love you all, thank you for everything.

I have my bday party with my whole class tomorrow night, a guitar thing in the morning, and sleeping and fangirling all day tomorrow. so excited.

Thank you all so much for making my day so special, I love you so much more than the moon and back.

taylorswift thank you for making me so happy today and always, I never thought, never in my wildest dreams, would I imagine you knowing who I am. I love you girl.

Have a wonderful night (or day) guys.

I love you so much.


WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, LIKE VIXX IS HAVING A MALL APPEARANCE IN OUR COUNTRY FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON (no album selling, no signing, no nothing, its free!). I’m actually so touched??? Philippines is not a very well off country and some fans just can’t afford the ticket for the show and them just having this free mall appearance for the starlights who can’t come to the concert (and those who are just thirst af and will go anyway a.k.a. me), WOW. JUST WOW. Thank you. You guys are making so many people happy. (I’m going to kidnap them there tbh, say goodbye to your oppas)