exo au’s I really wanna read:
(send me recs if you know any or please write some haha)

  • jongdae and/or tao in new york/london hipster au
  • xiukai/xiuhan in peter pan au
  • sekaitao in clueless au
  • metro 2033 au
  • luhan in coldtown/tithe au
  • tao in rockband au
  • krisoo family/domestic au
  • (ot12 please) crows zero au
  • sekailuxiu in cheerleadingxsoccer au
  • kailu writer/poet au
  • (japanese) 1990s visual kei band au
  • sekaitao runway/model au
  • xiuris + kaitao in yakuza (mafia) au
  • mighty boosh au 
  • kai in treasure planet au
  • any exo pairing based on "lover i don’t have to love", "no lies just love" or "lua" by bright eyes or "i will follow you into the dark" by death cab for cutie au
  • kai and/or tao in fight club au
  • any tumblr/blogger au
  • kris working as mall santa au
  • first gen skins or misfits au
  • xiumin stripper au
  • hackers au
  • tao as nancy in the craft au
  • luhan as an elf/fairy au
  • krisho star treck (voyager) au
  • xiuhan or taohun hogwarts au
  • kris as a designer au
  • any fem! in girl interrupted or foxfire (kinda) au
  • any involving them written as non-binary or trans people
  • any fem!taohun

I’ve craved all of these for ages so I just decided to make a list. If you wanna use them as prompts or something, just do it, you don’t have to ask. Just please please give me a link to whatever you come up with. If you knows if any of these are already written, just please message/submit me a link? I love you, I beg of you, please write/find me some of this? ~~