One Shot for Brianna :)

prompt: just started dating and we really like each other so neither of us want to mess anything up on a date

Sorry it took so long, hope you like it!  xx

Louis looks down at his hands. “I know this is only our third date, but I really like you, Brianna.” A small smile creeps onto his lips and he looks back up at you, his eyes stunning. The date is about halfway over, and while nothing had gone wrong, the two of you had mostly talked about simple things and nothing too interesting. You’re worried that you will mess up the date. Louis, on the other hand, seems quite content and not the least bit nervous. Does he notice that your hand is trembling slightly under the table while you attempt to calm down? Oh no, his eyes dart to your arm and that small voice in your head whispers, it’s over, you’ve ruined it, he’ll never want to be with someone who is this nervous on a date…

“Is there something wrong, Brianna?” the smile disappears, along with your confidence.

“No, I’m fine.” You force a smile, thinking of some way to escape; just long enough to get yourself back together. An idea pops into your head. “Excuse me for a minute, I just need to go to the bathroom. Be right back!” He nods his head, focusing on your expression, and you stand up and head for the bathroom.

Your heels click against the tiles and you look in the mirror. Your mind races. What if the heels are too much? Does he think I’m trying too hard? Oh my god, did he notice the bruise on my arm from falling yesterday? Does he think I’m clumsy? Oh no…

You take deep breaths and look back into the mirror, ready to give yourself a pep talk. Just as you open your mouth, your eyes start to water and you hurriedly wipe away the tears. You realize that it’s a lost cause and you might as well tell him to just move on because there’s no way he’d like you anyways.

You return to the table, trying your best to smile, but it’s a losing battle. Louis notices, of course.

“Okay, Brianna, something’s wrong, I can tell. Please tell me…” He frowns.

Time to get it over with. “It’s just… I don’t think that…” You can’t get yourself to say it.

“Oh no. It’s me, isn’t it? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to come off this nervous, I was trying my best! I promise that this isn’t how I really am, Brianna.” Louis blurts out.

Your mouth opens in an O. “What? You mean…you’re nervous, too? I thought it was just me…” Suddenly he breaks out in a big grin, and stands up, taking your hand as you join him.

“Of course I’m nervous, silly! Who wouldn’t be nervous around someone as beautiful and funny as you?” This, of course, elicits a large smile on your part, and you let out a sigh, feeling much better.

“Come on,” he says, “let’s go back to my place. Now that we’re both more comfortable, we can actually get to know each other.” He chuckles. Just before you leave, he kisses you and you two end up having a long and wonderful relationship.