What Motivates You? Finding Inspiration in the Work and Words Of 10 Amazing Black Women Artists: Ify Chiejina.

Often, whether you’re creatively inclined or seeking encouragement to face your everyday struggles, finding inspiration and the motivation to see through your artistic vision or are grappling with the battles of your daily life is can be just as hard as the battle you’re trying to overcome. Lately, in dealing with these hardships myself, I turned to the work of some of my favourite black women artists, and, intrigued by what fuels their passion to share their talents, went one step further and spoke to some of them about what keeps them going.

Ifeatuanya Chiejina is an emerging visual artist from NYC who creates portraits, figurative, and abstract pieces as her way of indicating the importance of knowing thy self.

In her own words:

“With each day that passes, I am thankful to be an Igbo, Nigerian-American artist. I’m constantly coming into the realization that it is up to me to present myself, and bring forth my own happiness. I carry some ideas, thoughts, and truths that are reflective of Nigerian customs and traditions. But I also accept and carry with me truths that aren’t. Conversing with different people opens the door for my beliefs to be questioned.

How I best choose to honor my soul and speak honestly in those instances, when there is potential for relationships to be formed or broken, really defines who I am as an individual person and artist. My art practice is very much governed by my emotions, either indirectly or directly. I’m getting more into the process of making work that embodies strong feelings of frustration, sadness, grief and loneliness. I have and do make work while happy, but in this point of my life where I am in full acknowledgement of the fact that I will always be adjusting to the loss of my mother, I want for my art to serve as a coping mechanism for myself and others. I believe that I have been blessed with such an opportunity to share by creating.”

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