You know that feeling when you know your somebody’s second best, but your not upset about it just really, really royally pissed off? Because you see I might as well have broken my back bending backwards for this chick and I don’t even get a thanks. Well that’s a lie, I do. I’m her ‘sister’. But no. It’s so wrong for me to get jealous, I know, but then going and tell everyone that this other chick is always there for you when you need her? I just, I’m so royally pissed off. Not only did I go down to see her and try to make her feel better for her to just use my phone to text her fucking boyfriend and call him and cry to him using my phone but then ignores me until it’s convenient, but now she just I just can’t. I really don’t know who my friends are these days. Or if I even have any.