L-O-V-E from L.A

Pardon for the late post but allow me to share one of the lovely parcel I got early June. This is from my kindred spirit friend C.S. 

It came as a surprise along with other parcel this June (this is 1 of 3) :) Such a beautiful letter from my dear friend. Thank you very much!


The lovely gifts inside the parcel. Bunch of goodies for someone like me who lives in a third world country.. LOL. Some I haven’t even seen yet and tasted, so you can just imagine the smile on my face seeing them.


Also, I got a bunchful of teas and oh how my heart skipped a beat. Literally! I just want to stare at them and smell them like a there’s no tomorrow. hahaha! anyways, I tried some of them and they’re the best. Can’t wait to try the rest.


and last but not the least…… TAADAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

the sweets are the best. Lollys, and chocolates galore! I felt like a kid wanting to devour these treats. OH MY GOLLY!!!! I totally love them. And yes, I didn’t eat all of them. I shared some to my nephew and niece at home and my hubby of course! :)


So that’s parcel 1 of 3 for June. I will post what I will send my friend C.S here in a few days maybe as I like compiling stuff for my penfriends. :) Hope she will like it.  I love you my dear C.S. Thank you for the lovely treats.

Yay! Today got it two postcards! One from @nicolepostcross , the Doraemon one! I love it so much, it’s one of my favourite characters and the other one from Shanghai, that is a big surprise from my penpal @isabellashao; thank you dear, it’s so cute! ♡ #penpal #penpalling #snailmailrevolution #snailmail #postcardsfromtheworld #postcrossing #postage #doraemon #doraemonpostcard #panda#shanghai#ilovemypenpals#cute

Sweet Parcel

This is parcel 3 of 3 that I got last June. This came from S.A of Malaysia. Very nice of her to consider my diet. I’m lacto-vegetarian by the way. 


She sent me those nice snacks from Malaysia and we ate it instantly. Did you notice those bank notes and purse with coins, I think I can use it if we ever go to Malaysia :) 

Thanks dear S.A. hope you will like the parcel that I send you soon.

Loving this super fun mail from my @unicornsandsnowcones! So much to read and see and enjoy :) Thank you so much my friend! I will get back at ya soon :)
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