~end of football season~

/breaks down/

/flips table/

/jumps out of window/

/runs to edge of the country/

/throws self off cliff/

/swims to the bottom of the sea/

/digs hole to the earths core/


I am an Arsenal Fan;
  • yes, i believe in my team
  • no, i do not think they are shit
  • yes, i think that we can win trophies this season
  • yes, i still trust wenger
  • yes, i think we have some of the best players in the world
  • yes, i will support them to end of the world and back, until the day i die

you got a problem with that?! COME AT ME BRO!

I dont even care, going through all this just makes me love Arsenal even more, i dont care what anyone says about all the problems, we could start an entire team of monkeys and id still sit here and support them because that is what i do. One of the best decisions i have ever made was to support Arsenal and nothing will ever make me regret that decision. And i still trust Wenger, as it makes absolutely no sense in my mind to get rid of him. You have to respect what he says because of all the hate he is getting he still refuses to give in to what everyone else wants him to do and will do it his way. So as our beloved number 19 would say, I LOVE ARSENAL. AND ALWAYS WILL.

theres a show in the uk called pointless, and they ask 100 people questions and the point is to guess the least popular answer, ANYWAY, one of the questions was ‘football teams and their managers’ and it was about the EPL, (you can probably see where this is going) and they had gave a list of managers and wenger was there, i was just like isgkjlmarmgfk HI. and then one my brothers was like why are you getting excited, hes a bad manager. :| i was like bitch you did not just fucking say that, so i started whacking him with a pillow haha. meanwhile, one of the people picked wenger as her option. a) she didnt even say his name right, i was like, what is this people. AND THEN.

SHE THOUGHT HE MANAGED CHELSEA. the floor welcomed me.