The Just God Damned Incredible Illustration of Naya Cheyenne

I was working for a while in a cafe in Bushwick, which was frequented by this nice young woman with red lipstick and big dark eyes. She would spend her time hunched over a sketchbook and an iced coffee, drawing in the corner. I kept in contact with her on Facebook, but we weren’t really acquainted. Then I discovered her artwork. Mindblown.

That’s how New York is: the unassuming guy with small-framed glasses humming on the train or the intense girl doodling in the corner of a cafe might just be the next big thing

Source: Naya Cheyenne

Travel Comic: How to Keep A Sketchbook -Choose your own adventure-

Lessons learned IRL, I went from keeping a sketchbook everyday to not having a sketchbook for a really long time. It’s hard to keep up a sketchbook at times, and I think drawing on everything intuitively is a lot of fun. It is really when I want to keep track of all my drawings again I realized how sketchbooks are helpful in functionality, and I appreciate them more after going throgh these processes.

The first sketchbook I had was given to me by my English teacher in high school, to keep me from drawing on my desk after he finally had enough of patiently cleaning desks with alcohol after every class. I have always tried to keep sketchbooks ever since.