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Gonna warn you, there’s some questionable linguistics in the show - every now and again it just made me hit my head on a table. But mostly pretty awesome.

I don’t think I’ve seen a representation of fictional linguistics that gets it exactly right yet. But I’ll take representation over accuracy any day. (Or, any day when I have to choose between them, at least!)

I figure, if you show more linguistics in the media, more kids will get inspired to study the field in school, which will lead to more linguists in the wider population, which will lead in time to better accuracy in its portrayal in the media. Everybody wins!

Responses for which show I should start next:

  • Stargate SG-1: ||
  • Breaking Bad: ||
  • Teen Wolf: || 
  • Psych: ||
  • Merlin: ||
  • Stargate Atlantis: |
  • White Collar: | 
  • The Riches: | 
  • Leverage: |
  • 30 Rock: |
  • Eureka: |
  • Bones: |

Like I said, I’m not planning on starting anything immediately. But I appreciate all the input, and I’ll take your recs into consideration when the time comes!

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Samantha Traynor, Mordin Solus, Garrus Vakarian

I would get drunk with Mordin because I think we could talk for ages about our passions for science and generally how awesome everything is. And also salarians don’t do sex or relationships so I couldn’t do that to him! I think Sam and Garrus are both pretty good candidates for the other two but obviously I would marry Sam because I love her. And I’m pretty sure Garrus would be able to show me a good time. And if turians really existed I’m pretty sure I’d be really curious about what it would be like to have sex with them. (Also Jai!! <3 I hope you are doing well.)

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three characters I think of: Captain Jack Sparrow (obvs), Rosie the Riveter (because name) (does she count as a character? whatevs, she counts now.) and Captain Theodora (obvs.) :3

Ooh. That middle one was unexpected! She probably counts as a character…

I don’t know why I enjoy PotC so much. ‘The code is more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules’ was pretty much quoted in three of my exams last year. Whoops. 

(Also I’m waiting for an excuse to just go ‘I’M A LITTLE BUSY AT THE MOMENT’ on a mission because that ship-wedding scene is great)

Thanks though :DDD 

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WAIT WHAT YOU ONLY GRADUATED IN ‘06??? D: I thought you were at least five or six years older than me, not one! Aw man, now I feel really bad for still being at work on my bachelor’s…

I went straight from high school into college, which I understand is fairly typical, but then straight from college into grad school, which apparently is not. I’m in my third year of the PhD program now, and until this year, there was only one grad student in the department younger than me.

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Random question: Would 'yo momma' jokes be considered shade? (Alternatively, what's your definition of shade? I've been trying to discern the edges of it from hearing use of the word, but I admit, I'm a bit stumped.) (also, have you heard Janelle Monae's Q.U.E.E.N.? I think you might like the first few lines.)

My definition of shade is one that I got from a drag queen friend of mine: I’m not insulting you, I’m describing you. For example, I wouldn’t say “Yo momma so fat that at the Continental Plus pageant, she was the stage.” That’s a read. I would simply look at your mother, raise an eyebrow, then look back at you. I don’t need to call her fat, because you know she’s fat, and she knows she’s fat. And that’s shade.

I haven’t heard it, but thanks for the tip~

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I am totally 100% in the same boat as you. I’ve been trying to figure out where my brain draws the line between “actually useful” fingerwavy stuff and “total bunk” fingerwavy stuff. Who knows man?

I guess it’s just whatever experiences you’ve had with things–I’ve always had an incredibly powerful sense of smell, so I was drawn to essential oils at a very young age since they distracted me from the fact that my childhood home always smelled like cigarettes (my mom quit when I was 16). I’ve associated calming down with the smell of lavender, so it actually triggers a calming reflex in me to smell it. I can rationalize that, so it’s acceptable to me, yanno? As for crystals, I’m just a rocks and minerals person anyway, and meditating on the geologic time required to produce ‘em always puts me into a mind-blown Carl Sagan-y headspace. SO PRETTY. Pretty smells, pretty rocks. 

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fluffernutters are best with american style peanut butter. your peanut butter here is bizarre

We have an American food section in our Tesco but everything’s like 3x the price of normal stuff and I’m pretty sure most of said peanut butter will actually be fed to the dogs (they have it in their treat toy things. They really like peanut butter). Is it different ingredients or does it just taste odd bc I’m not really a peanut butter person

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rad, but if you dont like normal peanut butter much, then definitely grill the slice that has the peanut butter on it first because it changes the flavour!

I will do so! Thank you C: 

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I saw post going around a bit ago about some botblogs just going around reblogging posts tagged #personal or #do not reblog or things like that. Dunno how true it is, as it hasn't happened to me, but maybe that?

I’ve had that happen before, yeah. In this case (and several others), though, it’s just a follower reblogging something that seems really freaking weird to reblog. Like hi, yes, I’m glad you’re following me. Why do you need the details of what tv shows and movies I just watched with my mom to be posted on your blog?

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I have an odd sort of thought about vocal fry/creaky voice. That particular mannerism has always seemed to me like people trying to lower their voices; honestly, when I hear women using it, it makes me think they're trying to sound LESS feminine (which comes with the assumption of more masculine, and the baggage that goes with that.) I always kind of assumed that was the (probably subconscious) motivation behind it??

I’ll be honest, I am super skeptical about that sort of explanation. This is a linguistic behavior that is prevalent throughout a particular group — young American women — and it’s relatively recent, going back probably no more than a couple decades at most. It’s really unlikely that so many young women have independently reasoned the way you suggest here, or that no young women before ~1990 reasoned that way.

The much more plausible account is just that it’s a behavior spreading through peer groups like any other. It’s a vocal pattern popularly coded as young and female, which makes individual young female speakers more likely to incorporate it into their own speech. That’s still a largely subconscious process, but it’s due to feelings of identity and group membership rather than efforts to sound less feminine per se.

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what’s happened!?

Got asked weeks ago to present the Harassment project at an event tomorrow evening. We thought we could just go off the tops of our heads, but they ended up demanding over 10 hours of writing and rewriting of our presentation, won’t answer emails about whether or not we can go up with our notes, and I’ve just found out that we might be PAYING FOR THE ‘PRIVILEGE’ TO BE THERE. I’m just so pissed off. This isn’t for marks or anything, even. It’s just a huge time suck while I already have other, end of degree commitments. I’m frustrated and exhausted. 

poehlerized answered: Blue whale!

YES that is a good choice. Probably one of my top ones as well.

tulabear answered: Bottlenose dolphin or orca. I’m leaning towards the dolphin, though.

Also excellent. I think in a perfect world I would want to be an orca but bottlenose dolphins probably have a lot less to fear from humans than orcas do, so your life is probably better as a bottlenose dolphin.

sciencefictionbaby said: I like to think of myself as an aquatic mammal already

That’s probably reasonable.

illustratedjai answered: AQUATIC SLOTH. (Apparently they existed.)

OBVIOUSLY you would, Jai.

hubble-the-banderbear answered: Good question! Manatee, without a doubt. What about you? :)

WELL Hubble, I would definitely choose a cetacean. I notice nobody was insane enough to go for a seal or whatever. I would probably say an orca because I think they have rich emotional lives and are very social and intelligent, all of which I would like to be. I do think there is a lot to be said for other whales, dolphins and sirenia too, though.

I’m so glad you all answered my important question, though. I feel much better now.

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oh man, i forgot about that episode. It took SG1 a little while to hit its stride, I think. :/ (Also, I suspect - tho I do not know - that they may have had a hard time getting a regular slot, which might’ve had something to do with it?)

I mean, it’s hard to really hate on clips shows because you can see why producers make them… If your show didn’t have a very large audience at first, it’s a good way to catch people up (and maybe convince them to go back and watch what they missed, if that’s possible). And even for people who did see the original episodes back when they aired, it’s a good way to remind people of the plot / the stakes right before something climactic. And of course, it’s much cheaper than writing and filming a complete new story.

But those purposes aren’t really relevant for someone watching the TV show later on, episode by episode. And so often the writing surrounding the clips is just SO WEAK. “Hey, remember that time…?” It’s like a Family Guy skit, only the scene it jumps to isn’t a punchline; it’s a ten-minute exact replay of something you saw not all that long ago.

tl;dr: I understand why clip shows get made, but I really don’t like watching them. But I’m too persnickety to ever skip an episode, so I don’t really have a choice.

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Much better choice, probably. Still tho’. Just for laughs, what have you done??? DDDD: (I mean, there’re always the ‘wife’ jokes, which I roll my eyes and hope the set ends soon, but that many in one show?!?!?! D: )

I’m hoping. It’s usually pretty good.

And I know! I was really excited after the opening act, it looked like it was going to be a good line-up, but then it plumeted

And this was just one person actually.


Uggg, why are people, people?

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Probably an in-joke with friends. *shrugs* I don’t think it’s really an important thing to know, except that we do it.

It doesn’t have to be important to be worth knowing. I think. (?)

Honestly, I’m just puzzled by things like those; tumblr professes to not be the kind of place where we need to shroud our questions in false modesty, to pretend that caring about people is some sort of game, that…

I just don’t get it. I feel like maybe this is one of those times where I just won’t ever get it? It’s weird, and upsetting, and I don’t know why tumblr of all places does it, or accepts it, or…

idk, I try so hard to be able to talk to people, I pretend to make eye contact and stuff, and even I’m able to just ask someone a question. It’s weird, and I feel like it trivializes and petticizes human interaction. 

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I just wanted to offer a counter example of a long distance relationship working out: My fiance and I have been together for the past five years (this weekend is our anniversary), and engaged for the past three. He lives in the UK, and I live in Canada. Not once have we ever thought about ending our relationship, for a lot of the same reasons you and your girlfriend are making it work. It just takes a lot of commitment.

Also noted! I really feel like it comes down to the couple in question, rather than being a one-solution-fits-all kind of deal. I know plenty of people in really strong relationships who don’t think they would be able to date someone at all long-distance, and I’ve also known married couples who only see each other a few times a year. But for me and Gabby, we’re just not comfortable taking that next step while we’re so apart and the future is so hazy. (To be completely honest, I think she would be more okay with an extended long-distance engagement than I would. But we’re both content with the way things are, at least for now.)

Still, glad to hear things are working out for you — and happy anniversary!