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Working on any fanfictions? :D

Me? Not my other blog but me? OMG, I feel so proud of myself and so addressed and loved.


Ok, too much drama. Well, actually I’m getting done some of the drabble’s that I promised in my other blog fuckyeahgomxkagami.

And I’m planning next chapter of The Emperor’s Watchdog.

I do have some other fics I promised the nobumitsu one for example but the ones that will be updated soon are the ones I just mentioned.

I still want to write some Kiyokaga married life fanfic, and more Hisogon and IlluKillu but I’ll go first with the things I must do. If you have any idea for Hisogon or IlluKillu fics request me something so I can put it on my To Do List.

Cheating destiny (Oneshot)

Pairing: Illumi Zoldyck x Killua Zoldyck

Raiting: PG

Summary: As the numbers on his wrist went down, Illumi determined to defeat that trap of destiny that was knowing the exact moment in which you would met your destined partner.

Based on the meme 0:00:00:00 that circled tumblr a while ago.

Cheating destiny


His black eyes looked blankly at the numbers. They sure had shortened. The years and months had already been wiped out, leaving only days, hours and minutes. And not even days, since all the numbers where really small. Roughly a day.

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hello!! i'm sorry to bother you, but could you possibly tag pairings? some of them make me feel uncomfortable, though i'm fine with the character itself. thank you!!


Hello, Anon-san! Sorry for the delay.

Following your request, we are starting to tag pairings on the Gallery. We will set a list of the tags soon for people who want to find them or blacklist them. Here are already a few which might make some people feel uncomfortable such as: HisoGon, IlluKillu, KilluGon, KuroKura, SilKuro, etc…

We are going to keep only one single Tag for a pairing, no matter the ‘sense’. Example if it’s KilluaxGon or GonxKillua, the tag will always remain KilluGon to avoid confusion in our own organisation.

It was not a bother at all~