Title: It’s Not Your Fault

Phan Status: Together

Contains: Angst, Fluff, Migraine

POV: Dan

Word Count: 1,320

Description: Dan and Phil are filming a new Sims 4 video, but Dan has a migraine

A/N: I’m not saying that this is exactly what migraines are like for everyone. I get them often and this is what they are often like for me. They can be triggered by multiple causes that vary for all who suffer from them. What helps get rid of one person’s migraine can be migraine trigger for someone else. For this story Dan’s migraine is triggered by stress

This is set in the same universe as “Is It a Migraine?”and "I’m the Perfect Boyfriend" but can be read separately.

Additional tags: migraine


pain is a noisy roommate
it lives inside me, taking up valuable real estate
in my body
it knocks on my bones, pounds on my head
sleeps in my bed
pain is an invisible roommate
“come on, just try it”
“looks like you’re doing better!”
“when will you get a job?”
no, it doesn’t stop me, but
it slows me down
I am not what I used to be, when I lived
alone in my own body
pain is a shitty roommate
but I live with it, day
and night
and I can’t complain, because at least
I’m never alone

Person A of your OTP is mute as an effect of bullying through elementary and middle school and when they enter high school Person B is the new student who befriends Person A despite the barriers. Eventually (after months or years, even) Person B gets Person A talking again and one of the first things Person A says is ‘I love you’ 

(inspired by the song Quiet by Lights) 

How the Signs are when sick:

Aries: you may never know that they were sick. Aries is the type to lock themselves up their room and try to take care of their illness over the weekend so they can get back out there! They rarely ask for help and will toughen up and go to the store themselves for medicine.

Taurus: Generally they aren’t bugging anyone because they try to sleep sicknesses off. Because of this they probably need someone to help nurse them back to health! Taurus will want to sleep but you need to make sure they are eating, drinking, and taking medicine.

Gemini: this sign is a complainer! They are the type to crash on the bed and talk about how bad of a headache they have or how sore their throat is. Some can be babies and demand you to take care of them but MOST take care of themselves but still lets you know how horrible they feel.

Cancer: might be a big baby but they do have really good instincts when it comes to nursing themselves and others back to health. Don’t try to tell a sick Cancer to get over it or to toughen up. They will loathe you. Also if someone else is sick around a Cancer watch their sickness disappear as they will want to take care of the other person.

Leo: this sign can be a complainer when sick and some of them might use their sickness to their advantage. They aren’t making their own dinner or cleaning up after themselves, that’s your job :p

Virgo: this sign is one to self-diagnose and think they are sicker than they actually are. They worry a lot, might go to the doctor more than other signs, but is always prepared and knows how to care for themselves and others.

Libra: this sign can get irritable when sick and just wants their illness to go away as quickly as possible. They don’t mind if a loved one takes care of them but they prefer that no one see’s them when they are sick.

Scorpio: this sign tries to ignore their illness! They need to be bedridden or this sign will still keep doing chores, go to work, and living life like everything is normal when sick. They refuse to let a cold or the flu get in the way of their life and daily routine.

Sagittarius: this sign just wants their sickness to be over with as quickly as possible. They tend to take care of themselves and take whatever medicine or home remedies to speed up their wellness.

Capricorn: this sign might lack knowledge about what to do when sick. They can get through a common cold but might need some advice for the flu, strep throat, etc. They won’t say anything but will really want a caregiver. Even if it is just the small things like making chicken noodle soup or giving them a wet towel Capricorn wants someone to show them a little love when sick.

Aquarius: this sign hates to be sick! It is wasting their precious time. Aquarius might be grumpy when sick and will get mad if their loved ones don’t help them out. This sign is also one who might be into alternative forms of medicine.

Pisces: this sign can be into home remedies and always has a trick up their sleeve to make themselves or others feel better. They also can be a big baby when sick and wants someone to take care of them. In return they will take care of you when you are sick.

Imagine person A of your OTP is in hospital for surgery. When they wake up after the operation person B is sitting next to them, holding their hand. Person A’s heart rate monitor then proceeds to go through the roof as they get incredibly flustered from seeing person B there, causing the nurses to come running.