thats sir A. :) he’s like the best CI that i have, he may not be as perfect like the others, but i like the way he teaches us. (yung tipong maiintindihan mo yung lecture nya kahit anong hirap? :D)Β 

i still remember the first time i saw him; twas the orientation for the freshmen way back when i was just about to enter the world of nursing. he spoke clearly (though i know he’s a joyful :D but still i love this guy.), a bit strict? you see he had a lot of conditions and what not; he talked a lot. and he could not stay at one point. even if he looks like us because he was not that tall, and when he would sit next to us you would even think he’s not an instructor. haha!

honestly i had a crush on sir A. :”). hihihihi! up until now :D. i liked him not because he looks good, though he would dress up neat. i liked him because he was just so smart. :))

you see, at school we have rotations with the CI’s. were under different CI’s per week; and yes! i have my share of RLE’s with him :). he would always give us positive reinforcement whenever we do good in our activities, and the best part is he knows me by my first name!, he calls me when he needs me, and i guess we established a good foundation of friendship already :).

CHN with sir A was the best! i had fun going around the community being his julalay. hahaha! because while walking, we talk about a lot of things. just about anything, and not just about school and thats just cool! haha! :DΒ 

this summer was his last lecture to us, because he wont be handling us while we are in level 3. :| i had this sad feelings when he uttered these words in front of the class after the lecture "so thats all, i hope you learned something today. we’ll that would be my last lecture with you jacinths. thank you for having patience with us, and for striving to be better. just always think that youre aiming for bieng better and not best, because no matter how you try to be the best, there is always someone who will outshine you, but dont let it stop you. third year is much more harder, but i know you will still make it through. good luck. God bless. :)”. that just made me sad, good thing i did not burst into tears. :))

ill miss you sir A!!! and im looking forward to hear another lecture from you when i get to 4th yr.. ill always look up to you. :)


kahit may pasok ako nitong summer, mas relax at chill ang feeling ko noon. bukas, oo, bukas, as in, JUNE 13, 2011. bukas na magsisimula ang bagong kalbaryo ng buhay ko. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

stressed na ako; ni hindi pa nagsisimula ang pasok. tssssk!

pray for me to survive tomorrow, and that maam cutie will be just as nice as she was during nutri. :)