Filipino (too much) Pride

I’m sure many people on Tumblr notice this, but it’s sad to see many Filipinos let their race define who they are. Or to use their race as a means of pride.

“Filipinos got swag. Filipinos deserve to be recognized.” What about other races though? (No, not “doe”) 

Most Filipino parents have had to suck up their pride and pull in their efforts (i.e Navy, nursing) to get to the United States just so they can provide you a better opportunity that they never had. And you repay them by misrepresenting your culture by thinking you’re better than others because you’re Filipino?

I could care less about the trends that most Fil-Am’s succumb to (graphic tees, snapbacks, choero). Yes, Tumblr Filipinos, Swagapinos, Illipinos, be proud of your race. Respect your culture. I’m sure many people annoyed at Filipinos can agree with this, but just to put it into words, don’t use the fact that you’re Filipino as a means to think you’re better than others who aren’t Filipino. Don’t use it to define yourself. 

Your character is what defines you. Not your race. 

(Disclaimer: This has always been an opinion of mine even before the Pacquiao fight. This isn’t a topic about the Pacquiao fight.)

Raised Swaggapino

I apologise on behalf of some Filipinos and their ignorance.

I am aware of the fact that there are a scary amount of what some call “Illipinos” or “Swagipinos”.

In case you just happened to stumble upon this post and have no idea what I am talking about, here are a few terrifying examples.

I am only giving you a few as these are enough. Some may say that this can only be a really bad fashion statement. This tacky look is enough for us to develop a pure disliking toward this certain “race” but it’s not just that. They usually are pretentious little bitches that buy DSLR cameras to take pictures of their “dope ass swag”. They came up with “TGIF: Thank God I’m Filipino.” and they are extremely frowned upon by the decent half of the Filipinos. 

It’s great to be proud of your country and race, it’s nice to embrace your culture but dudes, the ignorance must stop! Not only do you look absolutely ridiculous with your snapbacks and bow ties, you also sound ridiculous trying to sound ghetto. Must you use the word “nigga” every five seconds? 

That is not acceptable. 

Please pretend to be from another country as some dumb idiots like to generalise and think some decent Filipinos are like you, Illipinos. 

That is all I’m asking.


Seriously? Is this a thing? And I thought Swaggapino and Illipino was enough. 

You wear the red, yellow, white, and blue like a bad name. You bark “Filipino Pride” as if it is the war cry of your heritage. That eight-ray sun on the back of your snapback isn’t a mark of your culture, it is the mark where you should be slapped up on the head for shaming it. Because this isn’t representation, this is a misrepresentation of a culture by spoiled American children born with privilege and cash to buy hats and graphic tees. Be proud of your heritage and respect that eight pointed star, but do not abuse it as means to justify that you are better than others or believe you are reserved special notoriety because you just so happen to be the same ethnicity as Manny Pacquiao.  

Your character and actions define you. Not your race or the stupid brands you wear.