Sarah/ 21/Chicago

Hi :) I’m bisexual and relatively new-ish to tumblr. If I knew there were so many gorgeous, nice gals on here then I would have posted here along time ago haha

I’d love to make friends with free-spirited, open minded, queer people both online and IRL. I love yoga, animals, music, chocolate, and adventure. I’m starting a gang of badass adrenaline-junkies gals this summer, so if you like cheap thrills come say hi! Peace!

Penn Central - 21st Street Crossing by d.w.davidson on Flickr.

Caption: “Penn Central Train No. 456 to Valparaiso, Indiana crosses the South Branch of the Chicago River and is about to clump over the diamonds at 21st Street in October, 1975.”


October 1975

Photo by D.W. Davidson