Plenty of Action at 21st Street by ihbconnection on Flickr.

Upper Caption: “Amtrak SDP40F #518 leads a train south from the city while a lite set of Illinois Central Gulf engines also works its way through the interlocking. 7/14/78—Tom Golden photo.”

Lower Caption: “A trio of E-units along with a F40PH traverse lite through 21st Street Interlocking in Chicago. 10/6/79—Tom Golden photo.”

Also known as Desolation Row … or, “don’t you miss the 70s?”

The Honeydips – The Honeydips (Chicago, Illinois)


Who It Is: The Honeydips – The Honeydips; Known Pleasure Records (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Jacuzzi Boys, The Strange Boys, Teen Suicide going through a Black Lips phase, LVL UP.


Bad Vibes Forever is a weird album; it came together during a time when garage rock was alienating itself from anything happening over at Goner Records – post Jay Reatard – and Infinity Cat, instead consolidating some of the melodic throngs the 90’s had to offer. And that’s completely expected; one could only imagine Nathan Williams had something else to do after earning enough money to go beyond a $20 tape deck and a chorus pedal. There’s nothing more boring than being suffocated under the weight of the same album for 5 different releases.

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B&O GP-30 at Bensenville 1978 , by Mark LLanuza on Flickr.

Caption: “It’s 1978 and one of the worst winters for many railroads but the Milwaukee Road was hit the hardest with no money to fix dead units. They leased many units from other railroads like B&O, CN, and Southern. We’re at Bensenville along York Road with this southbound waiting to get into Bensenville Yard with a GP30 leading this Milwaukee train.”

First medical marijuana licenses issued to patients in Illinois

(SunTimes) Seriously ill Illinoisans are starting to find out if they’ll be able to legally use medical marijuana.

Jim Champion, who was the first person to apply to be part of the state’s Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, got an acceptance letter last week telling him he’s in the program, he said.

“I was shocked it came so fast,” said the 48-year-old Army veteran who has multiple sclerosis. “I’m very excited.”